Congresswoman Renee Ellmers: Obamacare’s Most Recent Strike

Photo of the Week

I lost a friend and a mentor Tuesday evening. North Carolina lost a dedicated and trusted public servant with the passing of Congressman Howard Coble. Mr. Coble was a true statesman who served the 6th District of North Carolina with honor, integrity, and humility. He will be missed.


Weekly Update
This week, the U.S. Health Secretary confirmed news that many of us have been dreading – North Carolina is one state facing the steepest health insurance rates in the country. The Secretary’s response when posed with how North Carolinians should handle this excessive uptick in cost? “Shop around for better deals.”

The largest insurer in our state, Blue Cross Blue Shield, is raising rates by an average of 32.5 percent. While the Administration claims that premium increases in exchanges average 7.5% across the country, an analysis by the Daily Caller News Foundation says the real increase is 20.3% — which is almost three times higher than the Administration’s predictions.

This means, once again, that many families will be forced to forgo their preferred health plan in order to acquire one that is “more affordable” under the so-called “Affordable” Healthcare Act. Where is the consumer choice that was promised to us? Where is the affordability?

Reports this week also show that the Obamacare Co-Ops, or Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans, are failing. While these were intended to increase competition and improve coverage, nearly half of all Obamacare co-ops have folded. As taxpayers are the ones who have to foot the bill for this catastrophe in the first place, they deserve answers. This week, the Energy & Commerce Committee and Ways & Means Committee set out to acquire answers.

These examples in the news are only a few of the outright failures of the president’s signature healthcare law. This is why I have voted over 60 times to repeal this law and instead support HR 2300, called the Empowering Patients First Act. This legislation actually promotes consumer choice and accountability.  Click here to read more about this alternative plan to Obamacare.

Please touch base with me via the Asheboro, Dunn or D.C. Office. We’re always happy to take a call from you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We are here to serve you!


Snapshots from the District

  My office attended the monthly Sanford Area Growth Alliance Public Policy Luncheon on Monday where a panel shared information about how local small businesses can partner with Central Carolina Community College.

On Monday, Southern Wake Academy held a ribbon cutting and dedication of  the Carroll Reed Gym. Southern Wake Academy is a charter school that services students in the Second District. School and elected officials from the area participated in the ceremony.

A representative from my office was in Lillington this week for the 2nd Anniversary of the Harnett Veterans Treatment Court, which was the first in North Carolina. Above is a photo of the team.

Big News for the 2nd District!

Campbell has been selected as the 2016 host of the Big South Men’s Basketball Tournament in March! This is the largest single event to come to Campbell in the school’s history.

Congratulations to Campbell University, Campbell Athletics and the Campbell Men’s Basketball team on this wonderful opportunity to showcase the school, Harnett County and the Second District!