Senator Richard Burr: VOTE refugees and national security

The horrific terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday were a sobering reminder of the threats we face from those who wish to do America and her allies harm.

That’s why it is reasonable and prudent to suspend the President’s plan to resettle Syrians in the United States until the American people are satisfied that this program is not being used by ISIS to gain access into the country. Our nation similarly suspended the refugee admission program after the September 11 attacks.

The President’s own FBI Director testified last month that he does not believe the federal government currently has the capability to properly vet these individuals to ensure they are not a threat to our national security. 

In a speech this week, President Obama said that the terrorist attacks in Paris have not altered his plan to bring Syrian refugees to the United States.

President Obama reaffirms refugee plan

The American people deserve to know exactly who the President is admitting into the country via this program. At this time, we simply do not have adequate information to perform necessary background checks.

There is simply too much at stake and the security of the American people should be our top priority.