Vance County Public Schools Superintendent Anthony D. Jackson: A New Year Brings Renewed Focus

Dear VCS Stakeholders,

On behalf of Vance County Schools, I welcome and invite you to join the Vanceformation.  Vance County Schools is celebrating the beginning of 2016 with a renewed focus on our commitment to educate and prepare all students for lifelong learning and productive citizenship.  Public relations and community outreach are vital components of a successful school system.  We believe this must be based on solid two-way communication in the best interest of students.

We have a responsibility to communicate with all stakeholders, internally and externally.  We want our stakeholders to know what we are doing and have the opportunity to celebrate the many successes occurring in our schools. 

Vance County Schools launched several new, enhanced communication strategies January 1, 2016.  The increased communication efforts are part of Vance County Schools’ focus on engaging stakeholders and providing more opportunities to share the successes of students and staff.

I am Vance County PROUD!


Anthony D. Jackson, Ed.D.




Beginning today, Vance County Schools encourages students, parents, staff, alumni, and members of the community to use the hashtag #VANCECoProud on social media and share reasons they are proud of Vance County Schools.  The hard work and dedication of students, staff, and volunteers will be celebrated 24/7 by adding this hashtag to social media posts. 

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Employee Recognition Program

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As part of our focus on celebrating the achievements of Vance County Schools, we acknowledge the dedication and commitment our employees exhibit daily.  An employee recognition program will begin this month.  Employees will be able to nominate colleagues who actively embrace and demonstrate the positive spirit of Vance County Schools and public education. Recipients will be announced throughout each month at their base locations (school/department) so the students they serve can be part of the acknowledgement and they will also be announced at each School Board meeting beginning in February.  Each recipient will receive a lapel pin featuring the VCS logo.

Join the Vanceformation as we rethink, reform, reimagine, and renew our efforts and focus to provide students with the best instructional program and opportunities for success so they are prepared for their future.


Join the Vanceformation!

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