Congresswoman Renee Ellmers: His Last Ever

Video of the Week

  In this message which I recorded immediately following President Obama’s last State of the Union Address, I reflected on his failed policies from this last year. House Republicans, on the other hand, continue working for a growing, thriving and healthy economy. 


Weekly Update
This week was a historic one on Capitol Hill, as it marked President Obama’s last-ever State of the Union address. While I was encouraged to hear him discuss his desire to work on prescription drug abuse and criminal justice reform, I was disappointed by what he touted as “success.”

Because of his liberal policies, we have a poorly-negotiated nuclear deal with Iran and a terrorist group, ISIS, which is thriving because his containment plan was a bust. In addition to the flawed government take-over of our healthcare system, we currently have the lowest labor participation rate in over 38 years. These are just a few examples of the president’s policy failures abroad and here at home. I hope you will read my full statement on his speech here.

I also had an opportunity to join a couple of radio shows this week to discuss my take on the president’s final speech. I spoke to Bill LuMaye on WPTF NewsRadio 680 AM and Jeff Goldberg of WFNC 640 AM for a two-part interview.

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Obama’s Last State of the Union

In addition to the video I recorded following the State of the Union Address this week, I spoke with numerous local media outlets about the speech.


Energy & Power Hearing on My Energy Legislation

This week, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Energy & Power Subcommittee heard testimony regarding my bipartisan, commonsense bill, the EPS Improvement Act of 2016, that would provide certainty to manufacturers and resolve the underlying issues of the Department of Energy External Power Supply (EPS) rule.

This pro-consumer, pro-manufacturer legislation which would exempt certain lighting technologies from the definition of “External Power Supplies,” is a win for manufacturers in Kentucky, North Carolina, and across the country. It provides them with the clarity they need to ensure hard-working American consumers have continued access to the best lighting technology on the market.


Women to Women

It was great to join fellow GOP women from Main Street Partnership on Fox News to discuss how we are working to engage women across this country. We were asked what we, Republican women, want from our next president. My response?

“We want a problem solver. As women, we are solutions-oriented and that’s what we’ve found on the Women 2 Women Tour. Women want someone to come in and fix the problems in this country. And unfortunately, over the 8 years of the Barack Obama Administration, we have not seen that.” Click here or on the image above to watch the interview.


2016 Goals

I really enjoyed speaking to The Dunn Daily Record this week on my goals for 2016. These include repealing Obamacare, protecting 2nd Amendment Rights, fighting against the president’s executive overreach, and improving veterans access to healthcare. Click here or on the photo above to read more information on my goals.


Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

May we all take time this Monday to recognize and appreciate the courage and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.