National changes by GED may affect some VGCC test takers

The national GED Testing Service recently announced revisions to the “cut,” or passing scores, as well as performance levels for its High School Equivalency (HSE) test, and is making those revisions retroactive to January 1, 2014, when the 2014 GED Test series was first released.

North Carolina will join 32 states in recognizing these changes immediately, possibly resulting in as many as 700 new HSE diploma holders in the state.

GED Testing Service is contacting those affected by the changes via email; however, test takers with questions can log into their “MyGED” account at or go to for information.

The “cut,” or passing score, is being revised from 150 per test module to 145. Additionally, GED is recalibrating its performance levels to the following scale: Level 1, or “Below Passing” (100-144); Level 2, or “Pass/High School Equivalency” (145-164); Level 3, or “GED College Ready” (165-174); and Level 4, or “GED College Ready + Credit” (175-200).

“We are working with our GED state representative to ensure students and programs get the necessary information to implement this new change,” said Dr. Lisa Chapman, senior vice president for programs in the N.C. Community College System.

For more information on these changes and opportunities to complete the Adult High School Diploma or High School Equivalency, call VGCC at (252) 738-3275.

Additional information on the GED Testing Service changes is available at