Congresswoman Renee Ellmers: This Week in the District

Photo of the Week

Brent and I enjoyed a Valentine’s Day with our son Ben over the weekend. Ben had an opportunity to escort a young lady in a formal dance, and Brent and I were honored to accompany them both. We had a blast dancing the night away!


Weekly Update
I was excited to get back to the district this week, as I knew I would have the opportunity to meet with constituents from across the district. At the start of this week, I was able to address healthcare professionals at UnitedHealth Group based out of Greensboro. Through my nursing career, I have seen the highs and lows of the medical industry. I have experienced the bureaucracy that limits our ability to provide patient-centered care, and that’s one of the reasons I ran for office.

We need more people within the healthcare field to speak up and take part in the political system. Their everyday experiences, interactions and struggles are important to improving our healthcare system. My time visiting was truly enlightening and employees had some great questions about the work we are doing in Washington to sustain Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D for our senior citizens.

According to a recent article by Forbes, Raleigh has the second fastest growing senior population. Knowing this, it’s important we continue to keep seniors at the forefront of our minds and promote programs like Medicare Advantage and sustain Medicare Part D.

I hope you will scroll down to see more of what I have done this week. Please know that representatives in my Asheboro, Dunn and D.C. offices are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Honoring Our Heroes

 It is so important that we recognize those who go above and beyond in the service of others. That is exactly what City of Dunn Police Officers Sgt. Jeff Williams and Sgt. John Parker did recently when they passed a home, just a block from my district office in Dunn, and saw smoke. They stopped and banged on the doors of the house until they awakened the sleeping residents and then made sure they made it out safely before fire consumed the upper floor of the home.

At a ceremony in my Dunn district office Friday, I presented Officers Williams and Parker with flags flown over the Capitol. It was great to talk with these outstanding public servants as we enjoyed refreshments adorned with American flags and police shields!



On the Passing of Justice Scalia

This week I talked with Bill LuMaye on WPTF. We discussed the workable alternatives to Obamacare, the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia and the need to have a Republican president in place before making another appointment to the Supreme Court. If you missed the interview, click here to listen.


Snapshots from the Week

It was such a pleasure to join Congressman Sam Johnson for breakfast, along with my fellow Republican Women’s Policy Committee Members, to recognize the 43rd anniversary of his return from Vietnam. He served 29 years in the United States Air Force and endured seven years as a POW in Hanoi. He is not only a genuine American hero, but a true gentleman — he delivered roses to us at the breakfast!

I especially enjoyed meeting with a group of healthcare professionals at United Health this week to talk about Medicare Advantage and Part D. This group had excellent questions on the work we are doing in Washington to improve our healthcare system.

Attending community group meetings and events is one way my office keeps in touch with what is happening on the local level in the district. On Wednesday evening, a representative from my office attended the Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet in Sanford (pictured above) and the Chatham Economic Development Corporation Joint Elected Officials Meeting in Siler City.


FCC’s Rule that Affects Your Cable Bill

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) held a hearing on Thursday to consider major changes in the set-top box market. As USA Today explains, “The five-member commission on Thursday is set to consider whether rules should be crafted that would require cable, satellite and fiberoptic TV providers to allow a new wave of third-party devices — and software-based apps — that consumers could use instead.” The FCC made the wrong decision as it will increase privacy concerns for consumers and hurt independent and minority programmers. Read more of my thoughts on this topic by clicking here.