VGCC names 280 students to President’s and Dean’s Lists

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 124 students earned President’s List and 156 students earned Dean’s List academic honors for the fall 2015 semester that ended in December.

The President’s List recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a “full load” (of at least 12 credit hours) in 100-level or higher curriculum courses. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to earn a GPA that was at least 3.5 but less than 4.0, and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a “full load” of such courses.

Fall Semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Zachary T. Andrick, Brenda C. Rodriguez Morales and Holly A. Waddell, all of Henderson;
Jacob H. Daniel of Oxford.

Associate Degree Nursing:
Devan F. Wilkins of Louisburg;
Elaine A. Harrison of Oxford;
Mica T. Durham of Wake Forest;
Ryan M. Erlenmeyer of Youngsville.

Associate Degree Nursing – LPN to ADN Program:
Lovelyn I. Imoh of Raleigh;
Chamara D. Enis of Stovall.

Associate in Arts:
Kaleb S. Williamson of Bullock;
Taylor A. Queen and Isabelle L. Snyder, both of Butner;
Jasmine C. Blacknall and Ryan W. Sharp, both of Franklinton;
Peter Caroline of Garner;
Cristin D. Abbott, Harli R. Sams, Amy K. Stockinger, Logan E. Tyndall and Ryan Wilson, all of Henderson;
Elizabeth D. Cole of Kittrell;
Elizabeth M. Caulfield, Joshua W. Moody and Cassandra Saroza, all of Louisburg;
Kristy R. Ball of Oxford;
Robyn A. Brown of Wake Forest.

Associate in General Education – General Science:
Latara S. Rudd of Hollister;
Amanda B. Braswell of Louisburg.

Associate in Science:
Christopher A. Plumley of Franklinton;
Alexander T. Cockman and Emily C. Rogers, both of Louisburg;
Schnail M. Bynum-Daniel of Oxford;
Elise V. Krueger of Rougemont;
Jacob M. Brocato, Nicholas J. Didonna, III, Christian M. Helsel and Christopher R. Worner, all of Youngsville.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Kenneth S. McConnell of Henderson.

Business Administration:
Roy A. Satterwhite of Henderson;
Allison M. Leonard of Louisburg;
Temeka G. Marable of Oxford;
Lorie E. Harris of Stem;
Heather A. Henkel of Wake Forest;
Ashley M. Kinton and Charles H. Rhodes, both of Youngsville.

Computer Technology Integration – IT Support Track:
Mitchell L. Greene of Creedmoor;
Quinton McDonald of Henderson.

Computer Technology Integration – Networking and Security Technologies Track:
Christina D. Manz of Creedmoor;
Andrew Hentze of Henderson;
Timothy A. Farley of Oxford;
James Clayborne of Wake Forest.

Computer Technology Integration – Web Design and Support Track:
Angelica M. Garcia-Avelar of Durham;
Dajuan S. Harrison of Henderson;
Rowan M. Morris of Warrenton.

Katrina W. Collie of Franklinton;
Alyssa J. Hayes of Henderson;
Renee’ K. Powers of Knightdale;
Kathryn L. Overby and Areli R. Rayo Ramirez, both of Louisburg;
Kierra N. Richardson of Macon;
Clarky L. Davis of Raleigh;
Jordan G. Reina of Roxboro;
Shannon W. Wood of Spring Hope;
Taylor E. Glenn and Hannah N. Kiger, both of Wake Forest;
Myranda L. Carroll and Maria G. Ordonez Santiago, both of Warrenton;
Mary R. Dunleavy of Zebulon.

Criminal Justice Technology:
Benjamin B. Layton and Jamel Roy, both of Kittrell;
Teresa K. Eakes, Harold T. Todd, Joseph V. Toto and Allyssabeth R. Trowbridge, all of Oxford.

Culinary Arts:
Tiffany M. Williams and Hayya A. Wright, both of Henderson;
Randy D. Bullock of Stem;
Veronica M. Yount of Townsville.

Early Childhood Education:
Kimberly C. Cagney and Niki N. Norwood, both of Creedmoor;
Angie K. White of Raleigh;
Kathryn M. Catlett of Zebulon.

Electrical Systems Technology:
Michael O. Smith, Jr., of Oxford;
Keith A. Tunstall of Warrenton.

Sheila M. Alston of Louisburg.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Robert L. Stearns, II, of Louisburg.

Mechatronics Engineering Technology:
Charles J. Nordcliff of Creedmoor;
Thomas K. Boyd of Henderson.

Medical Assisting:
Samantha A. Patterson of Stem.

Medical Office Administration:
Cynthia M. Black and Jennifer B. Siler, both of Bunn;
Melanie Lugo-Nieves of Creedmoor;
David L. Norris of Erwin;
Jennifer Cain-Hargrove and Lawrence E. Yates, both of Henderson;
Susan B. Smith of Kittrell;
Tina M. Hatcher of Oxford;
Amber S. Carey and William A. Hamlett, both of Stem.

Paralegal Technology:
Jessica C. Allgood and Leslie J. Hargrove, both of Henderson;
Heather C. Bryant of Youngsville.

Pharmacy Technology:
Jacqueline P. Burton of Henderson;
Lindsay C. Henry of Youngsville.

Practical Nursing:
Lilian J. Schleifer of Apex;
Jane M. Gathogo of Raleigh.

Anna P. Tilley of Creedmoor;
Kelsey P. Hight, James D. Hinks and Elizabeth R. Twisdale, all of Henderson;
Kristel L. Dehart of Oxford;
James A. Lea of Roxboro;
Jamisha D. Twitty of Warrenton.

Simulation and Game Development:
Brandon J. Carver of Durham;
Johnathan L. Davis and Hope I. Robison, both of Henderson;
Austin H. Smith of Oxford.

Welding Technology:
Nicholas Keeton of Bullock;
Collin A. Umbehant of Durham;
Donnie S. Ayscue of Henderson;
Ethan T. Bailey and Nolan G. Ellington, both of Oxford;
Quentin T. Tully of Wake Forest.

Fall Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Pamela D. Swanson of Franklinton;
Keshonda T. Chavis of Henderson;
Jazmin S. Woodard of Kittrell;
Jennifer M. Burton of Norlina;
Selene Govea Rostro of Oxford;
Elizabeth D. Elliott of Youngsville;
Donna J. Pearce of Zebulon.

Associate Degree Nursing:
Meredith H. Alshibah of Franklinton;
Erica C. Medlin of Oxford.

Associate Degree Nursing – LPN to ADN Program:
Susan J. Collins of Louisburg.

Associate in Arts:
Matthew E. Stevenson of Carrboro;
Ashley Sawyer of Franklinton;
Jennifer A. Burns, Katelyn C. Kimbrell, Braelyn M. Polk, Ebony S. Robinson Solomon, Jakayla M. Thorpe and Hailey A. Williamson, all of Henderson;
Jarrett J. Depizzol, Victoria Dupree, David High, Jr., and Blake A. Massengill, all of Louisburg;
Megan I. Proctor of Macon;
Ashley P. Usher of Manson;
Salwa S. Assaedi, Lauren E. Cash, Grisel Govea Rostro, Lydia A. Hendrick, Lane D. Phipps and Jack F. Thompson, all of Oxford;
Maria L. Govea of Roxboro;
Karly R. Blue of Stem;
Jessica A. Capps and Brianna H. Rigsbee, both of Wake Forest;
Amanda B. Miller and Olivia A. Carroll, both of Warrenton;
Hunter A. Carter, Katrina Z. Hodges, David M. Restrepo and Aaron Williams, all of Youngsville.

Associate in General Education – General Science:
Kelsey T. Sexton of Franklinton;
Daja T. Harrison of Henderson;
Marco A. Carmen and April Y. Scott, both of Oxford.

Associate in Science:
Jordan S. Ligon of Bullock;
Daniel Cziraki of Creedmoor;
Daysha T. Jones of Franklinton;
Thomas D. Grissom and Nicholas G. King, both of Henderson;
H’Kera P. Ktul of Louisburg;
Shawn L. Miles of Manson;
Francis C. Scotland and Alana W. Towles, both of Oxford;
Micah C. Roberts of Stem;
Kellyann M. Cook of Stovall.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Kevin M. Dayberry of Raleigh.

Bioprocess Technology:
Melissa D. Messner of Creedmoor;
Adair Avila Soria of Louisburg.

Business Administration:
Rachel S. Thomas of Bunn;
Andrew J. Cagney of Creedmoor;
Charlene C. Ayscue and Alcyone Moore, both of Henderson;
Hillary L. Frazier of Manson;
Angelica Bridges, Broguen McKeown, Sarah K. Moss, Carla M. Osborne and Tristane T. Wilson, all of Oxford.

Computer Technology Integration – IT Support Track:
Tristin McClay of Creedmoor;
Jeffrey S. Greenwood and Monica T. Greenwood, both of Franklinton.

Computer Technology Integration – Networking and Security Technologies Track:
Joseph T. Hedgepeth of Henderson;
Jenifer M. Stearns of Louisburg;
Steven J. Lynch of Norlina;
Joe C. Gong, III, of Oxford.

Computer Technology Integration – Web Design & Support Track:
Daniel Hernandez of Butner;
Tabitha M. Jarman of Louisburg;
Denise L. Ashworth of Warrenton.

Charlotte B. Slaughter of Butner;
Kimberly A. Edwards, Mia B. Harrison, Kiriston E. Henderson and Keosha S. Perry, all of Henderson;
Sha’chrisa A. Williams of Hollister;
Jennifer L. Creech and Danielle E. Wagner, both of Louisburg;
Kiamesha V. Alston of Norlina;
Jordan N. Lane of Oxford;
Victoria L. Champion of Stem;
Alicia M. Burke of Wake Forest;
Dar-Neshia S. Williams and Sherika C. Powell, both of Warrenton;
Nancy H. Paduchowski of Youngsville.

Criminal Justice Technology:
Christopher L. Davis and Tyler L. Hughes, both of Bullock;
Martin A. Spencer and Hunter C. Thompson, both of Creedmoor;
William M. Nutt of Henderson;
Kiara L. Taylor of Littleton;
Chance S. Hayes of Louisburg;
Adam G. Rooker of Norlina;
Lindsay E. Brown of Oxford;
Daysha M. Dawson of Youngsville.

Early Childhood Education:
Dana J. Harris of Henderson;
Deanna McFarland of Rougemont.

Electronics Engineering Technology:
Joshua C. Taylor of Kittrell;
Collin C. Byerley of Louisburg.

Austin R. Lovegrove of Franklinton.

Global Logistics and Distribution Management Technology:
Sharon A. Roy of Youngsville.

Human Services Technology:
Erin G. Wood of Louisburg;
Hannah B. Hill of Oxford.

Human Services Technology/Gerontology:
Lucile D. Ferrell of Henderson.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Michael L. Cole of Henderson.

Medical Assisting:
Adrienne M. Robertson of Henderson;
Whitney D. Kelsey of Oxford;
Denise N. Six of Wake Forest;
Kelly N. Tharrington of Warrenton.

Medical Office Administration:
Ashleigh D. Ray of Bunn;
Yuliana R. Carranza, Raven K. Kay, April B. Peoples, Amaria G. Ponce and Tamara F. Glover, all of Henderson;
Cassidy M. Hinkle of Louisburg;
Kelsey M. DeJesus and Anthony M. Wade, both of Oxford;
Jessica R. Carroll of Timberlake;
Jenese N. Caldwell of Wake Forest.

Office Administration:
Tiffany F. Barnes, Mary A. Elberson and Matt S. Larch, all of Henderson.

Paralegal Technology:
Jessica R. Huffman of Durham;
Heather L. Taylor of Franklinton;
Jessica N. Matthews and April M. Thompson, both of Henderson;
Kelly D. Persinger of Louisburg;
Marilyn A. Swensen of Oxford;
Nancy M. Ianniello of Youngsville.

Pharmacy Technology:
Jordan R. Garrison of Henderson;
Ashley N. Hobgood of Norlina.

Trevor M. Houston of Durham;
Brian K. Holmes and Thomas J. Kiley, both of Louisburg;
Brian H. Winslow of Raleigh.

School-Age Education:
Kayla M. Benitez of Castalia.

Simulation and Game Development:
Jacob A. Boyd, Dustin L. Starnes and Kenneth M. Watson, all of Henderson;
Dylan J. Parker of Louisburg.

Welding Technology:
Trevor K. Barbour of Creedmoor;
Andrew S. Hamrick of Henderson;
Nicholas P. Gooch and Keodric D. Grant, both of Oxford;
David A. Jeanblanc of Raleigh;
Corey A. Dillorenzo and Jared Q. Siemers, both of Wake Forest.