Senator Richard Burr: Veterans Deserve Good Health Care

The VA scandal of 2014 exposed some deeply troubling facts about how our government cares for veterans. The slow wait times at the VA continue today, even in North Carolina, making it clear that the VA cannot take care of these vets as quickly as it should. I was serving as ranking member on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee at the time and I fought hard to hold the VA accountable and make sure that vets get the care they need.

The Veterans Choice program, which was signed into law in 2014, allows veterans to get care outside the VA, is a good start, but there is more we need to do.

I introduced the Veterans Choice Improvement Act with a group of my Senate colleagues. My legislation makes two changes that revolutionize veterans’ health care:

  1. Makes Veterans Choice permanent so that vets will always have the option to receive care outside of the VA system.
  2. Dramatically expands the network of Veterans Choice providers by cutting red tape that prevents local hospitals and small medical practices from doing business with the VA.

This week, I testified about the importance of moving forward with the Veterans Choice Improvement Act. I’m confident we can work together on a bipartisan basis and pass this legislation.

Sen. Burr testifies before the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee

It is absolutely unacceptable for veterans to die waiting for VA care. I’m committed to keeping America’s promise to care for veterans whether at a VA facility or an outside provider. My goal is simple: to put together the best health care system that we can provide for those who have given of themselves for this country.