Richard Brand: Republican Party

From the time that “I like Ike” I have been told that the Republican Party was the party of small government. They wanted less government. They were going to “get the oppressive boot of government regulations off of the neck of small businesses.” They were all for deregulation. Smaller government, less taxes, more local control. In fact, they were said to believe that government worked best when it was in the hands of the local people.

Yet when they got in power they suddenly became great believers that state government knew best. The Republican legislators took Ashville’s water system away from the city. They took the Charlotte Airport away from Charlotte. They passed laws that limited the power of local government to set standards that were higher than state standards. Local governments could not set higher minimum wages. They ignored the data from local Boards of Election that voter fraud was almost non-existent and passed a Voter ID bill. Now in their infallible wisdom they had decided that Charlotte Mecklenburg needs their guidance. They have passed a bill that would prevent local governments from passing non-discrimination ordinances. They are wiser and more compassionate and have set a state standard that local must accept.

In that non-discrimination bill there is also the legislation that settles the question of which bath rooms the transgender people can use. Transgender people will have to use the bath room that corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate. Not only do they pass a Voter ID bill now we have Bath Room ID bill. Will we all have to carry our birth certificates with us? Will there be somebody checking birth certificates in each bathroom? What happens if you do not have your birth certificate with you? Will you be denied the use of a bath room? What kind of penalty will there be for using the wrong one?

How will this new law help? Doesn’t it create more problems? If a woman has been changed to a man and goes into a woman’s bath room because she is now required to use that one, yet she looks like a man, what does the little girl say to her mother? If no one is checking birth certificates doesn’t it open up the possibility of sexual predators going into a woman’s bath room and creating problems? But you must admire their ability to create more employment. Think of all the new people who will have to be hired for every bath room to check birth certificates.

I think I liked the Republican party better when they believed in less government from the top and more local control.

Rick Brand