Rusty McMahon: Less Whining, Better Results

In a February budget meeting, Deputy County Manager Jordan McMillen announced that raising county pay and benefits is a funding priority. According to McMillen, surrounding counties pay more and that’s very troublesome.

Newsflash, most of you earn much more than the average citizen that pays your way and your benefits are the envy of all.

Instead of complaining, maybe you should find out why some other governments pay more. I’m guessing some of your counterparts are better paid because their counties have safer streets, lower taxes, less crime, less drug use, less gang activity, less welfare, fewer unruly mobs, fewer out of wedlock births, fewer taxpayer supported non-profits, less subsidized housing, fewer social service handouts, less panhandling, stricter judges, more two-parent families, more responsible citizens, more hard-working citizens, more informed citizens, more entrepreneurs, more citizens that hold their leaders accountable, more citizens that don’t tolerate political patronage/cronyism, and more citizens that don’t need government support.

Your path is littered with failure. Your leadership made us #94 economically; you forced a water system on us that will never pay for itself; you forced a draconian zoning ordinance on us that has helped no one but you and your friends; you built grand buildings for your use when many citizens are struggling to pay their mortgages; by not doing your job, you enabled an employee to steal over $500,000 of our money in plain sight; you allowed companies to rob us blind; the list goes on!

We pay you to do your best. If the state of our county is the best you can do, then you are grossly overpaid and need to scram.

You agreed to work for a specific wage. Nobody twisted your arm.

Nobody promised you raises, especially for failing. Stop whining, get to work, and earn your keep.