VGCC awards 305 Scholarships to students

Vance-Granville Community College awarded 305 scholarships to students at an annual awards ceremony, held April 6 in the college’s Civic Center.

In her welcoming remarks, Dr. Stelfanie Williams, the president of VGCC, congratulated the scholarship recipients and thanked the donors and partners who support the college’s Endowment Fund, many of whom were on hand to present their scholarships in person.

“This ceremony is about celebrating the outstanding student scholars who pursue their dreams at VGCC, and the donors who help those dreams come true,” Williams said. “We continue to be grateful for the community support of our Endowment Fund, which provides for our students to continue their education and to succeed.”

With this year’s ceremony, the number of scholarships awarded by VGCC to date passed the 8,500 mark.

Scholarships of various levels, including 48 Presidential Scholar Awards (the most prestigious endowed scholarships), 67 Presidential Merit Awards, 155 Academic Achievement scholarships and 35 annual (non-endowed) scholarships, were presented at the ceremony, representing more than $212,000. VGCC scholarships have been endowed by numerous individuals, industries, businesses, civic groups, churches and the college’s faculty and staff. For more information about the Endowment Fund, call (252) 738-3409.

Recipients of Presidential Scholar Awards

Lelia C. Brigham Memorial: Kristy R. Ball of Oxford (Associate in Science);

John T. Church, Sr.: Allyssabeth R. Trowbridge of Oxford (Criminal Justice Technology);

John T. Church, Sr., Memorial: April Brogden of Oxford (Business Administration);

Duke Energy: Amy Kristine Stockinger of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

GSK: Cynthia Black of Bunn (Medical Office Administration) and Alexander T. Cockman of Louisburg (Associate in Science);

Glen Raven: Damon Brackett of Creedmoor (Criminal Justice Technology), Emily Gutshall of Henderson (Associate in Arts), Joshua Lee Taylor of Warrenton (Associate in Arts), Shellie Hughes of Henderson (Associate in Arts), Monica Nicole Holloway of Kittrell (Medical Office Administration), Kendall L. Barber of Norlina (Cosmetology), Steven Chiplis of Norlina (Web Technologies), Mark James Meinhart of Louisburg (Associate in General Education – General Science) and Aaron Royster of Oxford (Associate in General Education – General Science);

Patricia P. Graham:  Brenda Watson of Durham (Human Services Technology/Mental Health); 

Ann Rose Allen/Guild Gift Gallery at Maria Parham: Erica Medlin of Oxford (Associate Degree Nursing); 

Leslie Carswell/Guild Gift Gallery at Maria Parham: Lovelyn Imoh of Raleigh (Associate Degree Nursing LPN to ADN Transition Program);

Gean Bobbitt/Guild Gift Gallery at Maria Parham: Kathy Conant of Wake Forest (Medical Office Administration);

  1. Franklin Mills, MD/Guild Gift Gallery at Maria Parham: Kimberly Watson of Henderson (Associate Degree Nursing LPN to ADN Transition Program);
  2. Beverly Tucker, MD/Guild Gift Gallery at Maria Parham: Brandy Turner of Henderson (Associate Degree Nursing);

Guild Gift Gallery at Maria Parham: Betsy T. Mason of Macon (Medical Office Administration), Valerie Strange of Bullock (Associate in Arts), Christopher Worner of Youngsville (Associate in Science), Jennifer B. Siler of Bunn (Medical Office Administration) and Jennifer Taylor of Creedmoor (Associate Degree Nursing);

Guild Gift Gallery Volunteers: Shannon Satterwhite of Henderson (Business Administration);

Robbie Gilliam Hedrick/ Robert Jerome Hedrick: Amy Greene of Oxford (Associate in Arts);

  1. Daniel Knight, Jr.: Dianna DeWeese of Creedmoor (Business Administration);

George Wilson and Pattie Alston Macon/Katharine M. Horner: Yancey Otero of Oxford (Associate in Science);

Guy Thomas and Lelle Courtney Horner/Guy T. Horner: Matthew H. Grooms of Butner (Associate in Science);

The Johnson’s Educational Fund: Seniqua Turner of Henderson (Early Childhood Education);

Felix McDaniel Family: Jennifer Cain-Hargrove of Henderson (Medical Office Administration);

John K. Nelms: Sarah Gabriel of Franklinton (Accounting);

Mary Ruth Nelms: Hunter Charles Thompson of Creedmoor (Criminal Justice Technology);

Oxford Lodge, No. 103, I.O.O.F.: Sara Reid of Creedmoor (Business Administration);

Revlon: Keyona Bullock of Louisburg (Associate in Science) and Jennifer A. Burns of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

Harold and Helen Sherman: Allison Leonard of Louisburg (Business Administration) and Samantha Patrick of Henderson (Associate Degree Nursing);

Leon Turner: Christopher J. Davis of Oxford (Computer Technology Integration – Networking and Security Technologies Track);

VGCC Faculty & Staff: David Norris of Wake Forest (Medical Office Administration), Jenifer M. Stearns of Louisburg (Associate in Arts), Adam Rooker of Norlina (Criminal Justice Technology), Robert Mallory of Oxford (Automotive Systems Technology) and Brenda C. Rodriguez Morales of Henderson (Accounting);

John Weaver:  Sandra Carrier of Youngsville (Early Childhood Education);

Xerox: Elizabeth Twisdale of Henderson (Radiography).

Recipients of Presidential Merit Awards

Air Control: Nancy Ianniello of Youngsville (Paralegal Technology);

Linda Aleshire Memorial: Holden S. Hedgepeth of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

Frank and Ruth Askins Nursing: Suzanne Butler of Raleigh (Associate Degree Nursing LPN to ADN Transition Program) and Tenisha Ragland-Colvin of Henderson (Associate Degree Nursing);

Lucy Royster Brenner Memorial: Brooke Ashton Hursey of Wake Forest (Associate Degree Nursing);

Bridgestone Commercial Solutions: Janet W. Thorpe of Oxford (Office Administration);

CareFocus Nursing: Tabitha Blanchard of Henderson (Associate Degree Nursing LPN to ADN Transition Program);

Church of the Holy Innocents: Anthony M. Wade of Oxford (Medical Office Administration) and Caitlyn Robins of Creedmoor (Associate in Science);

Emma Rose Church: TyKayla Martin of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

John T. Church, Sr.: Tiffany M. Williams of Henderson (Culinary Arts);

Marion Lee Johnson Church: Ambrianna D. Winston of Oxford (Office Administration);

Coca-Cola Bottlers Foundation: Alisha Murray of Oxford (Associate in Science);

Marshall Young Cooper, Sr., & Mishew C. Cooper Nursing: Hardeep Dhillon of Durham (Associate Degree Nursing);

Rudolph Corbitt Memorial: Rachel Thomas of Bunn (Business Administration);

Thurman and Fannie Crumpler Scouting: Veronica Yount of Townsville (Culinary Arts);

Dr. Ben F. Currin: Harli Sams of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

Farrington Foundation: Tarsha Richardson of Warrenton (Associate Degree Nursing) and Felicia Spruill of Warrenton (Associate Degree Nursing LPN to ADN Transition Program);

Ferguson Family Foundation: Chandler Evan Owen of Henderson (Automotive Systems Technology);

Friends of Hospice: Heather Floyd of Franklinton (Associate Degree Nursing) and Robert L. Stearns, II, of Louisburg (Human Services Technology Substance Abuse);

Granville County Cattlemen’s Association: Amber Harvey of Oxford (Associate in Science);

Granville Industrial & Business Club: Kelsey DeJesus of Oxford (Medical Office Administration) and Amber Mckee of Oxford (Practical Nursing);

Betty S. Hicks/Granville Industrial & Business Club: Chesley Owen of Oxford (Medical Coding Specialist);

Margaret L. Gupton and Linwood M. Gupton Memorial: Haley E. Watkins of Wake Forest (Radiography);

Talmadge Hamm Memorial: Thomas Grissom of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

Joseph and Carrie Hamme: Taylor Queen of Butner (Associate in Arts);

  1. Dermont Hedrick Memorial: Samantha Huffman of Durham (Associate in Arts);

Vera M. Hedrick Memorial: Mary Elberson of Henderson (Office Administration);

Hugh White Holt Memorial: Ana-Alecia Espino of Kittrell (Associate Degree Nursing), Jessica M. Edwards-Kearney of Warrenton (Criminal Justice Technology) and Adair Avila Soria of Louisburg (Associate in Science);

Hubbard Family/Americal Corporation: Alegra Ann Bass of Henderson (Associate in Science);

George W. Jenkins Memorial Boy Scouts: Levi Walker Shelton of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

Grace Hamme Jester: Aide Nonato of Henderson (Accounting);

Bignall Speed Jones Memorial: Melissa Ann Proctor of Macon (Medical Office Administration);

Kittrell Family: Amanda Braswell of Louisburg (Associate in General Education – General Science); 

Lace Lastics Co.: Janelle R. Howell of Oxford (Associate in Arts);

Robert A. Leggett, Jr., Memorial/Leggett Family: Lane Phipps of Oxford (Associate in Arts);

Harriette G. Mast Memorial: Camelia Eldawy of Littleton (Associate in Science);

Margaret West Cousins Matteson: Jenna Marie Davis of Franklinton (Associate Degree Nursing);

Eben G. & Mary Frances McSwain: Benjamin Knutson of Stem (Associate in Science);

Robert A. Miller: Chardazsha Miller of Henderson (Culinary Arts); 

Nelms Family: Matthew Place of Louisburg (Associate in Arts); 

Marsha J. Nelson: Katrina Zane Hodges of Youngsville (Associate in Arts); 

Oxford Woman’s Club Memorial & Centennial: Sonia Bishop of Stem (Computer Technology Integration – Networking and Security Technologies Track);

Helen & Norris Post: Jacqueline P. Burton of Henderson (Pharmacy Technology);

Professional Construction Estimators Association – Triangle Chapter: Leonte Parker of Oxford (Criminal Justice Technology);

Rain Park: Donna Pearce of Zebulon (Accounting);

Dale Ramsey Music: Shontiara Williams of Oxford (Associate in Science);

Ella Glover Rowell: Yuliana Carranza of Henderson (Medical Office Administration);

John Stovall Royster, Jr., Memorial: Susan J. Collins of Louisburg (Associate Degree Nursing LPN to ADN Transition Program);

Helen Jones Sherman Memorial: Anna Tilley of Creedmoor (Radiography);

Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories: Teresa Eakes of Oxford (Criminal Justice Technology);

Holly Elizabeth Turner Memorial: Elizabeth Dare Cole of Kittrell (Associate in Arts);

Union Bank/Stanley H. Fox: Gwen Morrison Moore of Oxford (Business Administration);

VGCC Faculty & Staff: Megan McKee of Oxford (Human Services Technology/Mental Health), Heather Taylor of Franklinton (Paralegal Technology), Emory L. Gant-Hawkins of Henderson (Culinary Arts), Jordan Harris of Kittrell (Associate in Science), Cody Trivette of Raleigh (Computer Technology Integration – IT Support Track) and Megan Proctor of Macon (Associate in Arts);

William T. “Billy” Watkins Memorial: Paige A. Brummitt of Oxford (Associate Degree Nursing);

Hutson Wester Insurance: Heather A. Henkel of Wake Forest (Business Administration);

Pratt and Gwendolyn Winston: Darlene T. Campbell of Oxford (Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse).


Recipients of Academic Achievement Scholarships

Lucy West Abbott Memorial: Denise Lohry Ashworth of Warrenton (Computer Technology Integration – Web Design and Support Track); 

Sam Alford Memorial/Henderson Lions Club: Samantha Smith of Franklinton (Associate Degree Nursing);

AMVETS – Vance County Chapter 730:  Shelley Hawkins of Creedmoor (Associate Degree Nursing LPN to ADN Transition Program);

Hayden C. Bailey Family Memorial:  Keisha Terry of Oxford (Associate Degree Nursing);

Bank of America:  Melinda Langston of Henderson (Associate in Science);

Julius and Harriet Banzet:  Jamie M. Bender of Oxford (Associate in General Education – General Science);

The Barnabus Fund:  Christina Elliott of Clarksville, Va. (Associate Degree Nursing LPN to ADN Transition Program); 

James R. Barnes/Vance County Unit N. C. Retired School Personnel:  Nicholas LaMont Kemp of Wake Forest (Radiography);

BB&T of Henderson & Oxford:  Emily Wilkins of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

W.B. Beasley Memorial:  Angelique Taylor of Macon (Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse);

George B. Blum Memorial/Middleburg Ruritan Club:  Sharon T. Bryant of Henderson (Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse);

Dr. Joseph Alston Boyd, Jr.:  Morgan Keith of Stem (Radiography);

Amanda A. “Mandy” Braswell Memorial:  Tabatha Proffitt of Henderson (Computer Technology Integration – IT Support Track);

Pauline Neisler Brewer:  Tanya Fields of Oxford (Business Administration);

John Brigham Memorial: Christy Page Valerio of Durham (Business Administration);

Annie R. Bullock Memorial/City of Henderson:  Tashayia Kyree Busby of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

George E. & Estelle H. Bullock Memorial:  Morgan Archer of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

Bernard O. Burgess Memorial Radiography:  Chelsea Flaxcomb of Kittrell (Radiography);

Nathan Burwell:  Jacob Wayne Brewer of Oxford (Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology);

Capital Bank:  Mario Steed of Henderson (Technical Special Student);

Carolina Sunrock:  Roy Satterwhite of Henderson (Business Administration);

Minnie Moseley Cawley Memorial:  Chasity Hope Lassiter of Oxford (Associate Degree Nursing);

CertainTeed Corporation:  Shana J. Nunn of Wake Forest (Paralegal Technology);

Cecil L. Chacon, Jr., Memorial:  June J. Terry of Franklinton (Cosmetology Instructor);

Church of the Holy Innocents:  Brianna Medina of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

John T. Church:  Meagan C. Long of Creedmoor (Associate Degree Nursing);

John T. Church, Sr./Roses Stores:  Rita Udjoh of Raleigh (Practical Nursing);

Martha M. Clark:  Fara Leigh Vass of Greensboro (Associate Degree Nursing);

Brandon S. Coker Memorial:  Cristian Contreras of Creedmoor (Welding Technology);

Lucille Couch:  April M. Carroll of Creedmoor (Human Services Technology);

Lenwood A. Crabtree/Duke Energy:  Jacob Sterling Jackson of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

Dorothy M. Currin Memorial/Nursing:  Sada Reed of Kittrell (Associate Degree Nursing);

Sophia H. Currin Memorial:  Brandy N. Lynch of Hollister (Pharmacy Technology);

Thomas B. Currin/Oxford Rotary Club:  Ugonda Alis Brownrigg of Oxford (Associate in Arts);

T.J. “Pooky” Currin Memorial:  Susan Brown Smith of Kittrell (Medical Office Administration);

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Delbridge:  Taylor Abel of Manson (Culinary Arts);

Smith Doss and Claude Monnier:  Camitta Abraham of Raleigh (Associate in General Education – General Science), Kirsten D. Ford of Henderson (Associate in Arts) and Leslie J. Hargrove of Henderson (Paralegal Technology); 

Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Company:  Trevor Barbour of Creedmoor (Welding Technology);

Eastern Carolina Rabbit Breeders Association:  Denise White of Oxford (Culinary Arts);

Jerry Ellington Memorial:  Karen Graves of Durham (Automotive Systems Technology);

Jerome and Dora Faulkner Memorial: Michael O. Smith of Oxford (Electrical Systems Technology);

Anne Cooke Finch:  John Gregory Twisdale III of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

Stanley H. Fox:  Saundra Small of Henderson (Medical Office Administration);

Julius M. Frazier Memorial:  Lawrence Cottle of Henderson (Automotive Systems Technology);

Friends of Hospice:  Jamie Caroline Rhodes of Butner (Associate Degree Nursing);

Matthew Frink:  Nzinga Taliaferro of Louisburg (Practical Nursing);

Gate Precast Company:  Urella A. Richards of Henderson (Business Administration); 

Hubert L. Gooch, Sr.:  Stacey H. Grissom of Henderson (Culinary Arts);

Hubert Lee Gooch, Jr., Memorial: Francis Scotland of Oxford (Associate in Science);

John K. Nelms/Granville Industrial Club:  Melissa Chappell of Oxford (Pharmacy Technology);

Talmadge Hamm Memorial: Ethan T. Bailey of Oxford (Associate in Arts);

John Pearson Harris, Sr., and John Pearson Harris, Jr., Memorial:  Tega Akpede of Creedmoor (Associate in Science);

Mattie B. Harris:  Keith Pettiford Jr. of Oxford (Computer Technology Integration – IT Support Track);

Ethel Jane Rideout Harrison Memorial:  Courtney Lovegrove of Franklinton (Associate in Arts);

Robert Burnham Harrison, Sr., Memorial:  Nicholas Joseph DiDonna of Youngsville (Associate of Science);

Robert B. Harrison/Henderson Kiwanis Club:  Maena J. Slimmons of Louisburg (Practical Nursing);

  1. Anne Wortham/Henderson Business & Professional Women’s Club : Onyekachi Amadi of Raleigh (Associate Degree Nursing);

Thelma “Bug” Dempsey/Henderson Business & Professional Women’s Club:  LaDonya Tinnin of Durham (Associate Degree Nursing);

Carrie Draper/Henderson Business & Professional Women’s Club:  Morgan Yount of Timberlake (Associate Degree Nursing LPN to ADN Transition Program);

Fitzhugh A. Kesler/Henderson Business & Professional Women’s Club:  Chenelle Headley of Creedmoor (Medical Office Administration);

Emily G. Whitten/Henderson Business & Professional Women’s Club:  Lisa Simes of Warrenton (Criminal Justice Technology); 

Robert J. Turner/Henderson Kiwanis Club:  Cheryl Reddrick of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

Henderson Rotary Club:  Emily Rogers of Louisburg (Associate in Science);

Henderson Woman’s Club:  Deborah Janifer of Youngsville (Associate Degree Nursing);

Irene Hamm Hester Memorial/Carolina Cooling & Heating:  Zackary Tharrington of Henderson (Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology);

George W. Holden, Jr., Accounting:  Shekinah Yancey of Oxford (Business Administration);

Mike Huffaker Memorial:  Olivia D. Austin of Wake Forest (Associate Degree Nursing);

Ideal Fastener Corporation:  Cadeema C. Scotland of Oxford (Business Administration);

George W. Jenkins Memorial Boy Scouts:  Andrew C. Sadler of Oxford (Associate in Science);

Linda Vele Johnson Memorial:  Devan Wilkins of Louisburg (Associate Degree Nursing);

Seby B. Jones and Rufus T. Aiken:  Julius A. Glasper of Oxford (Medical Assisting);

James Madison “Jimmy” Joyner Memorial:  Anjanay Bailey of Henderson (Associate in Science);

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Keller & William Lee Keller Memorial:  Shanice Wilkins of Louisburg (Associate in Arts);

Leo Kelly, Jr.:  William Autrey of Henderson (Practical Nursing);

Kerr Lake Area Home Builders Association:  Keith A. Tunstall of Warrenton (Electrical Systems Technology) and Quentin Tully of Wake Forest (Welding Technology);

Kerr Lake Board of Realtors:  Jennifer Bauduin of Louisburg (Associate in General Education – General Science);

Milton F. Legg, Jr., Memorial:  Heather Stadt of Louisburg (Medical Office Administration);

Frank H. Madigan: Mary D. Currin of Oxford (Radiography);

Vesta Fortson Manning Memorial:  Mitchell Greene of Oxford (Welding Technology);

Maria Parham Medical Center Volunteer Services:  Brittany L. Dillard of Henderson (Medical Office Administration);

William J. “Bill” Matthews Memorial:  Erin M. Breslin of Franklinton (Associate Degree Nursing);

Fred E. & Ernestine H. Miller Memorial:  Autumn Outlaw of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

Robert J. and Isabel B. Morgan Memorial:  Dylan W. Breedlove of Creedmoor (Associate in Science);

Lou Ann Murphy Parker Basic Skills:  Kristy Liles of Oxford (Associate in General Education – General Science);

Diane W. Nethercutt Nursing Memorial:  Laura Graham of Wake Forest (Associate Degree Nursing);

Newton Instrument Co.:  Tanner Bailey of Franklinton (Associate in Arts);

Walter L. Newton:  Connie Frances Bass of Youngsville (Associate Degree Nursing);

John K. Nelms/Newton:  Brenda Perry of Louisburg (Human Services Technology);

Dr. & Mrs. Roy L. Noblin Memorial:  Kitina L. Taylor of Oxford (Associate Degree Nursing);

Novozymes North America:  Jasmine Cherelle Blacknall of Franklinton (Associate in Arts);

Oxford-Henderson Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority:  Sarala Neupane of Wake Forest (Practical Nursing);

Oxford Junior Woman’s Club:  Kristi Lynne Lloyd of Oxford (Associate in General Education – General Science);

Oxford Lions Club:  Amanda Rose Trammell of Louisburg (Accounting);

Thurston S. “Judge” & Vivian L. Parham:  Melissa D. Messner of Creedmoor (Bioprocess Technology);

Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Parker:  Alvin Durham of Norlina (Associate in Arts);

William D. Payne:  Michael Frink of Raleigh (Associate in Arts);

W.D. Payne/Henderson High School Class of 1938:  Sherry Royster of Oxford (Associate Degree Nursing);

W.D. Payne/Henderson High School Class of 1939:  Dorcas Smith of Durham (Practical Nursing);

W.D. Payne/Vance County Unit NC Retired School Personnel:  Lauren E. Cash of Oxford (Associate in Arts);

Scott Parker Peace Memorial and Adna B. Pierce Memorial:  Krystal Brooks of Wendell (Cosmetology);

Henry S. Peoples, Chapter 67 Disabled American Veterans:  Mica Tenille Durham of Wake Forest (Associate Degree Nursing), Charidy Scott of Franklinton (Associate Degree Nursing LPN to ADN Transition Program) and Andrea Norris of Oxford (Associate Degree Nursing);

Elsie and Julian Pernell:  Quinton T. McDonald of Henderson (Computer Technology Integration – IT Support Track);

PNC Bank of Oxford:  Hailey Reynolds of Oxford (Associate in Science);

Mary Potter High School:  Temeka Marable of Oxford (Business Administration);

Myrtle Jane Pruitt Memorial:  Maricela Carbajal of Oxford (Radiography), Kristel L. DeHart of Oxford (Radiography), James Lea of Roxboro (Radiography), Taylor Crisp of Manson (Associate Degree Nursing), Sharon Ray of Oxford (Associate Degree Nursing) and Lilian Schleifer of Apex (Practical Nursing);

PSNC Energy:  Tonya Parrish of Henderson (Radiography);

Rain Park:  Shatory Yarborough of Franklinton (Medical Assisting);

Samir Harith “Reef” Abdul Rasheed Memorial:  Adris M. Ragland of Henderson (Computer Technology Integration – IT Support Track);

Buggana Subba Reddy Memorial:  Lucy Carter of Creedmoor (Associate Degree Nursing);

Putlur S. Devi Reddy Memorial:  Stephanie Martinez of Franklinton (Associate Degree Nursing);

Putlur Jayarama Reddy Memorial:  Jane Gathogo of Raleigh (Practical Nursing);

Steven Allen and Thomas “Tommee” Wayne Reese Memorial:  Marie Adcock of Oxford (Business Administration);

Rowan-Walters Nursing:  Megann Casady of Louisburg (Associate Degree Nursing);

Robin Rowland Memorial:  Shannon Wood of Spring Hope (Cosmetology);

Royster, Cross & Hensley, LLP:  Jessica Matthews of Henderson (Paralegal Technology); 

Walter J. Rublein Memorial:  Andrew Scott Dawson of Henderson (Computer Technology Integration – IT Support Track);

Clemens Oscar Seifert/Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Henderson:  H’Kera Ktul of Louisburg (Associate in Science);

Mary Helen Harris Shields Memorial:  Sarah Batchelor of Wake Forest (Associate in Arts);

Hettie Currin Skipper Memorial Nursing:  Elaine Harrison of Oxford (Associate Degree Nursing);

South Granville Rotary Club:  Samantha A. Patterson of Stem (Medical Assisting);

SunTrust Bank:  Lindsay Brown of Oxford (Criminal Justice Technology);

Thomas G. & Mildred K. Taylor Memorial:  Cheree Ann Peffer of Oxford (Medical Office Administration);

Ben and Cornelia Terry:  Jaime Wilson of Raleigh (Radiography);

Rachel P. Thomas:  Elizabeth Elliott of Youngsville (Accounting);

Bessie Nelson Trado Memorial/First United Methodist Church:  Kaitlyn B. Sumner of Hurdle Mills (Radiography);

Triangle Home Health Care:  Thomas Jacob Kiley of Louisburg (Radiography);

Triangle North Healthcare Foundation:  Princess Couch of Oxford (Associate Degree Nursing);

Grady W. Tunstall:  Morgan Carter of Norlina (Associate in Arts);

J.P. Taylor/Universal Leaf North America, US:  Tristane Wilson of Oxford (Business Administration);

Frank Tedder Memorial/J.P. Taylor Employees/Universal Leaf  :  Brandon Carver of Durham (Simulation and Game Development);

Union Bank and Trust Founding Directors: Kevin Greear of Franklinton (Mechatronics Engineering Technology);

Vance County Association of Educational Office Professionals:  A’Neicia Wilkerson of Henderson (Early Childhood Education);

Vance Construction Company:  Doris Cable of Oxford (Accounting);

Vance County Farm Bureau:  Shanetta Wright of Henderson (Office Administration);

Veterans of Foreign Wars/Hill Cooper Post 2417:  Susan Higgs of Franklinton (Associate in Arts);

Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Hill Cooper Auxiliary Post 2417:  Madalyne Woods of Henderson (Radiography);

Warrenton Rotary Club:  Bryan Coppedge of Warrenton (Business Administration);

Marvin H. Baugh/Warrenton Rotary Club:  Ashley Usher of Manson (Associate in Arts);

S.M. Watkins, Sr., Memorial:  Jerry Dickerson of Henderson (Criminal Justice Technology);

Morris Wheeler West, Sr., Memorial:  Matthew Decker of Creedmoor (Welding Technology);

Virginia L. Wester:  Sharon McLean of Henderson (Business Administration);

Otha Wilkins Memorial:  Lorie L. Harris of Stem (Business Administration);

Edward L. Williams Memorial:  Andrew Dadson of Butner (Computer Technology Integration – Networking and Security Technologies Track);

Kate M. Wood Memorial:  Alyssa Somers of Butner (Office Administration);

W.T. Yancey Memorial: Dylan Newton of Oxford (Associate in General Education – General Science).


Recipients of Annual (Non-Endowed) scholarships

Duke Energy:  Meri Beth Blake of Warrenton (Medical Office Administration), Christopher Pernell of Fuquay Varina (Associate in Arts) and Kyle Vipperman of Raleigh (Welding Technology);

Duke Energy VOLT: Vickie A. Crawley of Roxboro (Criminal Justice Technology), Crystal Andrews of Henderson (Medical Office Administration), Kerry Adcock of Henderson (Business Administration) and Ayana F. Lewis of Kittrell (Business Administration);

Glen Raven:  Raekwon Hall of Raleigh (Associate in Arts), Daniel K. Hunter of Manson (Associate in Science), Victoria Duncan of Henderson (Associate in General Education – General Science), Cristin Abbott of Henderson (Associate in Arts), Courtney Uzmann of Durham (Cosmetology Instructor) and Dominick Carrington of Oxford (Associate in General Education – General Science);

Lake Gaston Computer Club:  Shanta Moss of Norlina (Computer Technology Integration – IT Support Track);

Lloyd Gabriel Memorial/Air Control:  Autumn M. Woodard of Henderson (Business Administration), TaJuan Glenn of Oxford (Associate in Science) and Micah Roberts of Stem (Associate in Science);

State Employees Credit Union Foundation:  Emily McGhee of Franklinton (Associate Degree Nursing), Tyler Hughes of Bullock (Criminal Justice Technology), Courtney Mae Humphries of Roxboro (Associate Degree Nursing) and George M. Andrick of Stem (Computer Technology Integration – Networking and Security Technologies Track);

State Employees Credit Union Continuing Education:  Johneshia Hall of Franklinton (Nurse Aide II and Phlebotomy), Leah Ewing of Youngsville (Associate in General Education – General Science), Phyllis Cooper of Oxford (Business Administration) and Caitlin Pernell of Louisburg (Associate in General Education – General Science);

STEM Science Camp: Nasir Jones of Oxford (Mary Potter Middle School), Jaylan Hunt of Oxford (Northern Granville Middle School) and Sedric Hunt of Oxford (Northern Granville Middle School);

Universal Leaf: Taylor Abbott of Kittrell (Associate in Arts);

VGCC Faculty & Staff: Tammy Adams of Henderson (Office Administration), Keyante’ Lindsey of Oxford (Associate in Arts) and Aleria Shiquisha Perry of Henderson (Associate in Arts);

VGCC Music:  Tiffany Barnes of Henderson (Office Administration);

Kathryn Bentley Watson: Rebecca Richardson of Wendell (Phlebotomy) and Shavon Williams of Warrenton (Nurse Aide I).