Butterfield Congratulates Durham for Being Named One of 50 Invest Health Cities

Tuesday, Congressman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01) released the following statement congratulating the city of Durham, North Carolina for being selected by Reinvestment Fund and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to take part in the new Invest Health initiative, aimed at transforming how leaders from mid-size American cities work together to help low-income communities thrive. As part of the initiative, Durham will receive a $60,000 grant to help transform the way it improves opportunities for residents to live healthy lives.

“The Invest Health initiative is an extraordinary opportunity to improve low-income communities’ access to  resources that will help them thrive, such as safe and affordable housing, space to be active and exercise, and quality jobs,” said Butterfield “I am proud that Durham was chosen for this critical initiative and I am certain that it will greatly improve the lives of those in low-income, minority communities who need it the most.”

Durham was selected from more than 180 teams from 170 communities that applied. The initiative focuses on cities with populations between 50,000 and 400,000. While mid-size American cities face some of the nation’s deepest challenges with poverty, poor health, and a lack of investment, they also offer fertile ground for strategies that improve health and have the potential to boost local economies.

“The City of Durham is a leader in the field of medicine and medical research, yet its low-income communities face some serious challenges in accessing the resources needed to live healthier lives.  I look forward to seeing these challenges eliminated and for this initiative to enable the citizens of Durham to live their best lives.”

Over the next 18 months, Durham will join other Invest Health teams in being part of a learning community with access to expert advisors and coaches and engagement with other local stakeholders to encourage knowledge sharing.