Cardinal Innovations Healthcare in Downtown Henderson and Vance County’s Daymark Recovery Services Partner for Mental Health Urgent Care

When a person faces a mental health crisis, the results can be tragic if they do not receive treatment in a timely manner. Overburdened emergency departments (EDs) have long waits and are not always equipped to provide adequate treatment for behavioral health patients. A partnership between Cardinal Innovations Healthcare and Daymark Recovery Services is offering this vulnerable population in Vance County an alternative to the ED; insuring Cardinal Innovations members receive the care they need with the added benefit of alleviating pressure on local EDs.

Here’s how it works: Cardinal Innovations, who manages care for those with mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders, provides its members with access to six of Daymark’s walk-in advanced access clinics located within the 16 county area in which Cardinal Innovations operates. During June 2015, this collaboration resulted in the avoidance of more than 800 ED visits by local patients who instead received fast, quality care at the Daymark clinic in Henderson. This “urgent care” for behavioral health served nearly 3,000 people during that same timeframe.

In addition to improved health outcomes for patients, the Daymark location in Vance County injected a total of nearly $3 million in funding from Cardinal Innovations into the local economy as it operated its in-patient and out-patient clinics.

Vanessa Gray, Cardinal Innovations member and Daymark patient, has benefitted from this partnership to receive local therapy and support services that she would otherwise not be eligible for. Gray, a long-time Vance County resident, suffers from PTSD and depression, is recovering from substance addiction, and is fighting a rare lung disease, LAM, causing shortness of breath and occasional dependence on portable oxygen.

Since 2014, Gray has been working with local Daymark therapist Dr. Ed Munt, who says she has made leaps and bounds in her recovery since her start there. She first attended therapy sessions at another organization while she was living at Lifeline, a facility for homeless women suffering from addiction and abuse.

Through Daymark and its affiliation with Cardinal Healthcare Innovations, Gray has found easier access to depression help, pain relief and necessary medication, and despite her hardships, she had found many joys resulting from continued care.  She says her fellow therapy group members’ stories, and the shared laughter and tears that accompany them, encourage her and give her perspective when it comes to her past and current mental health battles. Gray has also found love through her participation at Daymark and is currently engaged to a fellow patient. Together, they attend and volunteer regularly at Freedom Life Church on Fire.