Vance County Board of Commissioners Meeting Monday June 6th, 2016

Vance County Board of Commissioners Meeting Monday June 6th, 2016

Download the full agenda packet here:  20160606_vcboc_agenda_packet.pdf

Invocation Todd Stout, Carey Baptist Church

1. Public Comments (for those registered to speak by 5:45 p.m. – each speaker is limited to five minutes)

2. Budget Hearing FY 2016-17 Economic Development Appropriations

3. Budget Hearing 6:00 p.m. FY 2016-17 Proposed Budget

4. Public Hearing Rezoning Request – Case RZ1604-01 US 1 Hwy South

5. Appointment 6:45 p.m. Deryl Von Williams, Learning Center Lease of County Building

6. Appointment 7:00 p.m. Nancy Wilson, ABC Board Mixed Drink Referendum

7. Water District Board a. Water Committee Report -Irrigation Rates -Relocation of Waterline – Stewart Farm Road at Weaver Creek -Water Usage Rate Increase

8. Committee Reports and Recommendations

a. Planning/Environmental Committee – Solid Waste – Convenience Site Operations/Maintenance Agreement – Solid Waste – Transfer and Disposal Agreements

9. Finance Director’s Report

a. ABC Board Request

b. Smart Start

c. Surplus Property

d. Vehicle Financing Agreement

10. County Attorney’s Report

a. REO Properties

b. Sale of Foreclosed Property to Former Owner

c. Revised Ardagh Economic Development Incentive Agreement

11. County Manager’s Report

a. Funding Request – Vance County Historical Museum

b. Resolution – Municipal Insurance Trust

c. Fireworks Permit – Cokesbury VFD

d. Update on Financial Policies e. Justice Assistance Grant

f. Free Mulch Giveaway

g. Waiver of Permit Fees – Rebuilding Hope SOS

h. Schedule Next Board of E&R Session

12. Consent Agenda Items

a. Budget Amendments and Transfers

b. Tax Refunds and Releases

c. Ambulance Charge-Offs

d. Monthly Reports

e. Minutes

13. Miscellaneous

a. Appointments

b. Voting Delegate and Alternate – NACo Annual Conference

c. July Meeting Date