Senator Richard Burr: A bipartisan win for older Americans

Last week, while I was travelling around the state, I stopped in Raleigh and had the pleasure of meeting with the folks from the North Carolina chapter of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

I was humbled to receive the Champion for the 50+ Award from the AARP for my bipartisan work to renew and improve the Older Americans Act, which Congress passed in April. The Older Americans Act is the landmark law that helps ensure senior citizens, especially elderly Americans who are in economic need, can live their lives in dignity. It provides critical services to Americans age 60 and older, including Meals on Wheels, family caregiver support, community service employment, and services to prevent elder abuse and neglect.

Senator Burr speaks at AARP awards ceremony

Seniors have worked hard their entire lives, and they deserve to live their golden years in dignity and independence. I’m proud to fight for the services and resources that make this possible. I will continue to work in a bipartisan way to strengthen and protect Social Security and Medicare so that seniors can have peace of mind that their retirement is safe and secure.