Vance County Appearance Commission Promotes Recycling

The Vance County Appearance Commission is seeking increased participation from residents across the county in efforts to recycle household items and other materials that can be reused.

Local participation in recycling by residents is less than 30 percent across Vance County. Members of the County Appearance Commission want more residents to recycle.

Recycling in Henderson and throughout Vance County is easy. In the city of Henderson, all recyclable items can be placed in the plastic bins provided by the city. Once the bins are placed by the street curb on designated pick-up days, Waste Industries personnel will collect the items for proper recycling. For residents living outside of Henderson and in Vance County, all recyclable items can be taken to one of the eight manned collection sites located throughout the county and placed in the large, recycling bins. They are collected regularly by Waste Industries for proper recycling.

Residents do not have to separate recyclable items in the city or throughout the county. Separation of the items is done during the recycling process.

Items that should be recycled include: any plastic bottles, containers and jugs; all aluminum, steel and tin cans; all mixed paper; all newspapers; all magazines; all milk cartons; all paper or cardboard cartons; all food boxes; all envelopes; all flattened cardboard boxes; all glass jars and bottles of any color; used cooking oil; used motor oil and filters; large appliances including refrigerators, AC units and water heaters; all electronics including televisions, radios, cell phones, computer towers and monitors and keyboards; furniture; and bed mattresses.

In the county, these recyclables items can be taken to the manned collection sites located on: N.C. 39 North of Henderson; Warrenton Road near U.S. 1 Bypass; Gun Club Road; Tungsten Mine Road; old Aycock school site on Vicksboro Road; North Chavis Road off U.S. 1 Business; Manson-Drewry Road; and Brodie Road.

Electronics for recycling are accepted only at the N.C. 39 North and Brodie Road collection sites.

Used tires also are accepted for recycling at the Transfer Station near the N.C. 39 North site. These items must be covered with a tarp for proper transportation to the site.

The collection sites are open Mondays through Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Recycling is a good idea and is important because it: saves natural resources; prevents environmental problems that come from landfills; saves energy; prevents pollution; creates jobs; and saves money.

The Vance County Appearance Commission is urging all county residents to do their part to protect our environment for future generations by recycling today and always!

Image Information: By: ACE Solid Waste - CC BY 2.0