VGCC names 258 students to President’s and Dean’s Lists

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 126 students earned President’s List and 132 earned Dean’s List academic honors for the fall semester that ended in Dec. 2016.

The President’s List recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a “full load” (of at least 12 credit hours) in 100-level or higher curriculum courses. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to earn a GPA that was at least 3.5 but less than 4.0, and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a “full load” of such courses.

Fall Semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Sarah J. Gabriel and Ciara S. Lynch, both of Franklinton;
Wannapha N. Robinson of Louisburg;
Elizabeth D. Elliott of Youngsville.

Associate Degree Nursing:
Madelaine L. Sachs of Henderson;
Renee Jackson of Kittrell.

Associate in Arts:
Samantha J. Shannon and Tamiya R. Thomas, both of Creedmoor;
Joshua Jacobs of Durham;
Ryan W. Sharp of Franklinton;
Cristin D. Abbott, Nancy C. Bonilla, Kourtney J. Cockrell, Ashlyn K. Collier, Chadstity V. Copeland, Caroline M. Oakley, Autumn G. Outlaw, Ebony S. Robinson Solomon and Janet Rodriguez-Morales, all of Henderson;
Leslie A. Leake of Kittrell;
Marshella D. Ashby and Makayla R. Williams, both of Littleton;
Loganne S. Driver, Blake A. Massengill and Joshua W. Moody, all of Louisburg;
Kristy R. Ball, Robin L. Hill and Sydney A. Towers, all of Oxford;
Amanda B. Miller of Warrenton;
Lindsay C. Henry of Youngsville.

Associate in General Education – General Science:
Tyler A. Thorp of Henderson;
Rachel H. Allen of Stem.

Associate in Science:
Jordan S. Ligon of Bullock;
Michael T. O’Donoghue of Fredericksburg, Va.;
Lucas R. Hamrick and Elizabeth R. Twisdale, both of Henderson;
Sovanny Taylor of Louisburg;
Alana W. Towles of Oxford;
Skylar L. Davenport, Nicholas J. Didonna, III, and Joseph A. Moore, all of Youngsville.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Michael L. Wright of Durham;
Jeremy D. Lemay, Kenneth S. McConnell and Jacob F. Mosley, all of Henderson;
Jordan A. Alston of Louisburg;
Travis L. Keeton of Oxford;
Stephen B. Ray of Wake Forest.

Business Administration:
Korena L. Weichel of Creedmoor;
Roy A. Satterwhite of Henderson;
Stacy T. Hicks, Latosha C. Hunt, David L. Nicholson and Meghan J. Rossi, all of Oxford;
Jason L. Thompson of Stem.

Computer Technology Integration:
Andrew S. Dawson of Henderson.

Computer Technology Integration – IT Support Track:
Tristin McClay of Creedmoor;
Max N. Moore, Jr., of Henderson.

Computer Technology Integration – Networking and Security Technologies Track:
Andrew A. Dadson of Butner;
Christina D. Manz of Creedmoor.

Computer Technology Integration – Web Design and Support Track:
Angelica M. Garcia-Avelar of Durham;
Rowan M. Morris of Warrenton.

Cassie A. Shaffer of Butner;
Christianne Combs of Durham;
Katrina W. Collie of Franklinton;
Micaela B. Crowder of Henderson;
Kristina M. Brantley and Kathryn L. Overby, both of Louisburg;
Kierra N. Richardson of Macon;
Myranda L. Carroll of Norlina.

Criminal Justice:
Christopher L. Davis of Bullock;
Martin A. Spencer of Creedmoor;
Monica A. Williams of Franklinton;
Andrew J. Shultz of Henderson;
Benjamin B. Layton of Kittrell;
Safwan A. Ali of Louisburg;
Chance S. Hayes of Louisburg;
Alissa J. Cheek of Wake Forest.

Culinary Arts:
Rebecca N. Groover of Franklinton;
Randy D. Bullock and Dejah Davis, both of Stem.

Early Childhood Education:
Kimberly C. Cagney of Creedmoor;
Bianca E. Garrett of Franklinton;
Jacquella S. Jones of Henderson;
Brooklyn E. Mason of Louisburg.

Electronics Engineering Technology:
George C. Williams of Louisburg.

Raeann Johnson of Henderson.

Global Logistics and Distribution Management Technology:
Charles Braswell of Raleigh.

Human Services Technology:
Fredesvinda C. Euceda-Col of Creedmoor.

Information Technology:
Andrew B. Benedict and Dustin L. Starnes, both of Henderson;
Cody R. Parrott of Kittrell;
Austin H. Smith of Oxford.

Mechatronics Engineering Technology:
Charles J. Nordcliff of Creedmoor;
Thomas K. Boyd of Henderson.

Medical Office Administration:
Cassidy B. Lucas of Franklinton;
Morrisha K. Alston, Tranita N. Brown and April B. Peoples, all of Henderson;
Beverly K. Ellis of Kittrell;
Kristie L. Brough of Oxford;
Amber S. Carey of Stem;
Rebecca T. George of Warrenton;
Julia A. Rhodes of Youngsville.

Office Administration:
Angela M. Hayes of Louisburg.

Paralegal Technology:
April M. Thompson of Henderson;
Holly H. Cashwell of Wake Forest;
Heather C. Bryant of Youngsville.

Pharmacy Technology:
Tommy L. Hicks of Franklinton.

Anna P. Tilley of Creedmoor;
Sabrina D. Johnson of Louisburg;
Kristel L. Dehart and Aaron J. McNeill, both of Oxford;
James A. Lea of Timberlake;
Jamisha D. Twitty of Warrenton.

Welding Technology:
Nicholas Keeton of Bullock;
Cedric J. Rodebaugh, II, of Franklinton;
Galen D. Wilds of Granville County;
Donnie S. Ayscue and Eduardo Ibarra-Renteria, both of Henderson;
Ethan T. Bailey, Christopher M. Kearney and Robert L. Mallory, all of Oxford;
David A. Jeanblanc of Raleigh;
Jared Q. Siemers of Wake Forest;
Andrew Lynam of Youngsville.

Fall Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Holly A. Waddell of Henderson;
Jennifer M. Burton of Norlina.

Associate Degree Nursing:
Caitlin E. Moen of Cary;
Heather J. Floyd of Franklinton;
Rachel A. Edwards of Louisburg;
Talia M. Dyce and Sharon N. Ray, both of Oxford;
Sandra H. Enloe of Stem;
Brooke A. Hursey and Kayla D. Roberson, both of Wake Forest.

Associate Degree Nursing LPN to ADN Program:
Ashley B. Jones of Bullock.

Associate in Arts:
Kaleb S. Williamson of Bullock;
Tiffany Martinez of Butner;
Farrah B. Foster, Robert C. Hurt, Janella A. Mendivil and Owen T. Mettam, all of Creedmoor;
Poppy T. Boze, Rebekah H. Glasheen, Robert D. Osborne, Benjamin P. Taylor and Richard K. Washington, all of Franklinton;
Celene Acuna, Jasmine N. Allen, Anthony M. Henderson, Lynn M. Henderson, II, Alexandra J. Saravia, Brian J. Stevenson, Jakayla M. Thorpe and Bailee E. Tippett, all of Henderson;
Lillian D. Kanouff and Allie R. Beach, both of Kittrell;
Asia M. Green of Norlina;
Cecilia E. Barrenechea, Sonia M. Hernandez, Emely K. Ovando, Kimberly M. Spence and Thomas S. Thompson, all of Oxford;
Ashleigh V. Dannemiller of Raleigh;
Kamden E. Thompson of Stem;
Casey P. Hunter and Clay D. Walters, both of Wake Forest;
Sarah A. Boone of Warrenton.

Associate in General Education – General Science:
Paige D. Snider of Creedmoor;
Taylor M. Moseley of Henderson;
Danny W. Ayscue of Kittrell;
Stormi M. Abernathy of Leasburg;
Megan I. Proctor of Macon;
Marina E. Rombout of Stem.

Associate in Science:
Lindsey R. Perry of Henderson;
Kia S. Brodie of Louisburg;
Sara A. Abdulla, Nicole F. Bowman, Zakaria I. Kassim and Francis C. Scotland, all of Oxford;
Micah C. Roberts of Stem;
Kellyann M. Cook of Stovall.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Blake A. Larcade of Oxford.

Bioprocess Technology:
Kimberly A. Prevette of Oxford.

Business Administration:
Andrew J. Cagney and Bobbie J. Wilkerson, both of Creedmoor;
Angela Burrell and Alfredo Picaz, both of Henderson;
Mark A. Alston of Manson;
Jason D. Hester of Oxford;
Dar-Neshia S. Williams of Warrenton;
Ashley M. Kinton of Youngsville.

Computer Technology Integration:
Steven J. Lynch of Norlina.

Computer Technology Integration – IT Support Track:
Quinton McDonald of Henderson.

Computer Technology Integration – Web Design and Support Track:
Amie E. Hilton of Oxford.

Jessica K. Lovegrove of Creedmoor;
Brittany D. Pickering of Durham;
Davis B. Moore of Franklinton;
Hannah C. Beckwith of Henderson;
Angela M. Alexander of Kittrell;
Melissa D. Sweeney of Louisburg;
Crystal L. Carrington, Loukita C. Meadows and Katy S. Perdomo, all of Oxford;
Jordan G. Reina of Roxboro;
Maria G. Ordonez Santiago of Warrenton;
Kristina F. Graham and Nancy H. Paduchowski, both of Youngsville.

Criminal Justice:
Tyler L. Hughes of Bullock;
Charmaine A. Sutton of Louisburg;
Dustin L. Hodnett and Harold T. Todd, both of Oxford;
Vickie A. Crawley of Roxboro.

Early Childhood Education:
Jessica R. Bolton and Makala West, both of Henderson;
Catherine G. Jones of Youngsville.

Austin R. Lovegrove of Franklinton.

Human Services Technology:
Sonya J. Barnes of Henderson.

Human Services Technology/Gerontology:
Larecia R. Bullock of Oxford.

Information Technology:
Mitchell L. Greene and Nathan E. Johnston, both of Creedmoor;
Brandon J. Carver of Durham;
Genifer R. Gibson of Fayetteville;
Kasey R. Owens of Henderson;
Kassidy L. Holtzman of Norlina;
Tina M. Kreidler and Alisha M. Prevette, both of Oxford;
Nathan L. Garrard of Stem.

Medical Assisting:
Dajane G. Johnson of Henderson.

Medical Office Administration:
Melanie Lugo-Nieves of Creedmoor;
Raven K. Kay and Raini Williams, both of Henderson;
Brianna N. Lynch of Hollister;
Misty R. Grabowski of Louisburg;
Tina M. Hatcher and Anthony M. Wade, both of Oxford;
Thomas M. King, Jr., of Wise.

Office Administration:
Mary A. Elberson of Henderson;
Mary Cox of Oxford.

Paralegal Technology:
Kelly D. Persinger of Louisburg;
Lindsay E. Brown of Oxford.

Ashley B. Storer of Creedmoor;
Trevor M. Houston of Durham;
Mary E. Brewer, Kelsey P. Hight, Kara Siena S. Reese and Madalyne N. Woods, all of Henderson;
Kaitlyn B. Sumner of Hurdle Mills;
Chelsea J. Flaxcomb of Kittrell;
Maricela Carbajal, Mary D. Currin and Jonathan T. Liddane, all of Oxford;
Jaime L. Wilson of Raleigh;
Morgan H. Keith of Stem.

Welding Technology:
Hernan J. Hernandez of Castalia;
Eric L. Clayton and Keodric D. Grant, both of Oxford.

Image Information: Unsplash / Pixabay