Northern Vance Students Help EM Rollins Students

Northern Vance High School students visited on March 22 with students and teachers at E.M. Rollins Elementary School to lend a helping hand with reading, math and even recess.


The high school students are positive role models for their younger counterparts.


The Northern Vance students went in to all classrooms at E.M. Rollins, with the exception of the pre-kindergarten classes. They read books with the elementary students, talked about their favorite types of books and worked with them on math practice sheets, among other activities.


The special day was a partnership effort by administrators and teachers from the two schools. Many of the Northern Vance students attended E.M. Rollins during their elementary years in school.


Some of the students are shown in the accompanying photos as they work with the elementary children.

Image Information: StockSnap / Pixabay