Vance County Schools Retirement Banquet

Vance County Schools held its annual Retirement Banquet for those educators and support staff members who retired during the 2016-2017 school year.

The event was held in the McGregor Hall Gallery with approximately 150 people in attendance.

There were 36 school system associates who were honored for their many years of dedicated service to our students and schools.

Dr. June Atkinson, former state superintendent of Public Instruction, was the keynote speaker for the evening. She encouraged all of the retirees to enjoy the time they have earned for their years of hard work. She also urged each of them to find new interests and not be afraid to take on new challenges.

Ethel Hunter, who retired from Vance County Schools last year as a long-time teacher at Eaton-Johnson Middle School, also spoke to the retirees and audience from a retiree’s perspective. She told them to truly treasure their additional free time and to occupy their time with things about which they are passionate.

Jaylen Webb, who just graduated from Northern Vance High School, sang a special musical tribute to the retirees and members of the Aycock Elementary School Chorus, under the direction of Jan Vaughan, entertained everyone in attendance by singing three songs.
Each retiree was recognized by their principal or department director and presented with a special gift.

Superintendent Anthony Jackson concluded the evening by recognizing the 36 retirees had a total of more than 900 years in working in education. He led everyone in giving the retirees a standing ovation and loud cheers.

Those retirees honored were Darlene Ayscue of E.M. Rollins Elementary; Fermon Bostic of Aycock Elementary; Johnny Bullock of L.B. Yancey Elementary; Vivian Bullock of Curriculum and Instruction; Gloria Burrell of Southern Vance High; Millie Camacho of Clarke Elementary; Mary Clements of Southern Vance High; Andrew Crews of Dabney Elementary; Shirley Duke of Southern Vance High; Nathaniel Elam of E.O. Young Jr. Elementary; Marilyn Faines of Zeb Vance Elementary; Jacquelyn Gill of Southern Vance High; Annette Gooch of Dabney Elementary; Grace Griffin of Henderson Middle; Ann Hancock of New Hope Elementary; Vicki Heath of Eaton-Johnson Middle; Susie Jordan of Zeb Vance Elementary; Anne Joyner of Curriculum and Instruction; Jill Kearney of Finance; Magaret Key of E.M. Rollins Elementary; Judith Long of Clarke Elementary; Trudy Lowry of Testing and Records; Wil McLean of Human Resources; Waverly Mills of Pinkston Street Elementary; Dorothy Moss of Eaton-Johnson Middle; Margaret Moss of Dabney Elementary; Clyda Nicholson of Zeb Vance Elementary; Brenda Poole of Eaton-Johnson Middle; Peggy Price of Pinkston Street Elementary; Suzanne Reeves of Eaton-Johnson Middle; Lillian Richardson of L.B. Yancey Elemenentary; Margaret Shupe of Eaton-Johnson Middle; Lola Turner of Southern Vance High; Sharon Turner of Eaton-Johnson Middle; Letitia Vass of Exceptional Children; and Ellaweed Yancey of E.M. Rollins Elementary.

Retirees who attended the banquet are shown in the photo.