Captain Vance W. Johnson Named Henderson’s Assistant Chief of Police

Effective July 31 2017, Captain Vance W. Johnson will be the city’s Assistant Chief of police. Johnson, a native of Henderson has over twenty-four years of experience and a wealth of experience in law enforcement administration and practices. In his most recent role as Captain, he oversaw the Investigative Division where he was responsible for general, violent, and drug investigations, portions of our budget, and planning and research.

In his new role, Assistant Police Chief V.W. Johnson will assist in planning, staffing, and directing police activities and assisting in coordinating, preparing, and administering the budget for the Police Department. He will assist in and lead the development of comprehensive programs designed to enhance our services to our citizens. As Assistant Police Chief, he will represent the Department at various meetings and conferences, and speak before community groups on the role of the Police Department in my absence.

Because of his deep-rooted ties to the city of Henderson, Assistant Chief V.W. Johnson is in tune with the needs of our citizens. I have worked with Assistant Chief Johnson in various capacities throughout my career, and I have full confidence in his abilities as a leader within the agency and in the community. Please join me in congratulating Assistant Chief V.W. Johnson on his acceptance of his new role within our agency.