Butterfield Statement on Violence in Charlottesville and Confederate Statue in Durham

Durham, NC – Congressman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01) today released the following statement regarding the domestic terror attack in Charlottesville, Virginia and the toppling of the Confederate statue in Durham:


“I was disappointed that President Trump waited two days before specifically condemning the Charlottesville terror attack and the violence perpetrated by white supremacist groups.  His failure to not immediately and powerfully condemn these terror groups by name was a clear message that he is supportive of or indifferent to their cause based on ideology or politics, either of which is unacceptable for an American president.

“The events in Durham are an example of the pain that people of good will are experiencing when terror is heaped upon them or their fellow citizens.  The Durham protestors were expressing their outrage at the Charlottesville terror attacks, continued racial disparities in our communities, and the president’s reluctance to take a firm stand against these pervasive, hateful, and divisive ideologies.

“I don’t condone the destruction of government property, but I understand the hurt and pain the continued existence of confederate monuments cause to many in our communities, whether it is on the grounds of the US Capitol, state capitals, or any other locations. 

“The American people must understand and confront the scourge of racism in our country.  America cannot tolerate white supremacy in any form.  Silence will no doubt embolden these deranged groups.

“The Congress of the United States must not neglect its duty to condemn the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and other extremist groups who terrorize our communities.  President Trump must stop pandering to these groups and instead use the full power of the Department of Justice to prosecute those who inflict violence upon communities because of their race or beliefs.  And the president must continue to condemn all acts of racism, bigotry, and domestic terror.” 

Image Information: G. K. Butterfield