Scott Hughes: The Twitter and The Trump

When Trump was elected does anyone remember what his first major issue and debate was? If not, allow me to tell you. It was whether or not he had more people come to his inauguration than President Obama. This is really true. I asked then, “what difference does that make and who gives a&*%#?” With all of the important issues it seemed somewhat ridiculous and childish to even mention that in public.

Earlier today, I asked the same question. Who gives a %$#@? This time it’s regarding transgender people in the military. I was not fortunate enough to serve in our military so I don’t know. For our veterans, does it make that big of a difference? It just seems really trivial compared to everything else going on now. He claims that his reasoning is that transgender people have medical costs that are significantly higher than average. That just sounds idiotic to me.

Many, if not most, of the things that Trump has tried to do does nothing but put people in different categories. If you are Muslim you aren’t welcome here in America. If you are Mexican all you do is steal, rob, and rape women. If you are African American, you don’t care about white people. If you are gay, you cost too much to be in the military. Does anyone else see this pattern? It’s not like it’s hidden but it’s in plain sight. To me, he is very similar to a tornado. He is completely unpredictable and causes severe damage everywhere he goes. 

I’ve said it many times so one more time won’t hurt anyone. He needs to STAY OFF of Twitter! He needs to man up and admit when he is wrong and he needs to STOP blaming others for his idiotic mistakes. He is like a Tim Burton character in a bad cartoon. If people can’t agree that this man is straight up immature and borderline crazy then something is really wrong.


Scott Hughes

Henderson NC

Image Information: GDJ / Pixabay