Board of Education Names New Middle and High Schools

The Vance County Board of Education has approved naming the newly combined middle and high schools for the 2018-2019 school year Vance County Middle School and Vance County High School.
The board members took the action during their regular monthly meeting held on Monday, April 16.
Vance County Middle School will be housed in the facility currently known as Northern Vance High School and will serve students who now attend Eaton-Johnson and Henderson middle schools.
Vance County High School will be located in the building now known as Southern Vance High School and will serve students who now attend Northern Vance and Southern Vance high schools.
Operations at all 10 of the district’s elementary schools will be unchanged for the new school year. The STEM Early High School will continue to serve students in grades 6-8 on the current campus of Southern Vance High. The Vance County Early College High School will remain in operation on the campus of Vance-Granville Community College near Henderson and the district’s alternative school, AdVance Academy, will remain in operation next door to the current Henderson Middle School on Charles Street in Henderson.
With combining the middle schools and high schools next school year, the Eaton-Johnson and Henderson middle school buildings will no longer be used by the school system.
Board members took action in naming the schools following a presentation by Superintendent Anthony Jackson who proposed several names for the new schools. Among the potential names offered for the middle school were: Vance Henderson, Vance Central, Vance Community and Vance County Preparatory. These names also were proposed for the high school in addition to Henderson High and Henderson Preparatory.
Image Information: geralt / Pixabay