A Message from Eddie Ellington, Mayor of Henderson, NC

My Fellow Citizens:

As we face these times of uncertainty, we must remember we cannot control what happens, however we can control how we respond and how we react. I want to reassure the residents of Henderson and Vance County that we have taken steps to carry us through these moments.  This is a time to stand with one another as we realize our own shared humanity. For we, as a society and a community have been altered with a situation that is out of our control. Unlike a weather event where you can prepare on the severity, the unknown lies before us and I am thankful to live in a place like Henderson, NC.  Where we are neighbors, family, friends and co-workers all joined as one.   Our team is dedicated to the health, safety and welfare of the people, while also being very mindful of the small, local businesses and their employees that are suffering and struggling during this public health crisis. I know the painful steps they have already taken to protect our community.

We look to the those that are on the front lines, our Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Providers, and Emergency Personnel. We must adhere to their instruction and the Centers for Disease Control guidelines for aggressive social distancing, sanitary handwashing and especially, stay at home if you are sick and avoid contact with the sick. We regret having to be repetitive but in order to eradicate the Coronavirus these simple common-sense tasks must be carried out with diligence.

Know this, we have the benefit of a strong city and county with good folks living among us, in other events where we were tested ,9/11, the great recession of 2008 we came back quickly, united and bold. We have never shied away from facing hard truths. With perseverance and empathy although we may feel isolated, we shall stand together.   We are reminded of the tie that binds us and through our strength and resilience we will overcome this challenge as we grow towards recovery with the promise of tomorrow..    

May God Bless Each of You

Eddie Ellington, Mayor

Image Information: Coronavirus attack in microscopic view. Virus from Wuhan casusing pandemic around the world. 3D render