New Training Series at VGCC Targeted at Restaurants / Cafe Businesses

The Small Business Center Vance-Granville Community College is offering a new FREE webinar series to assist businesses as they re-open – and is specifically aimed at restaurant/café/food businesses.   If you’re in the restaurant, coffee or other type of food shop business in these unprecedented times, you know that a normal day is no longer normal.  There are a multitude of new tasks, service limitations and sanitization requirements and your customers have new expectations as well.  This 12-week series is designed to help you navigate your new normal so that your business can re-open with confidence and use creative and new resources to get your brand and your message out to existing and new customers. 

1) CDC Guidelines for Reopening Your Food & Beverage Business
2) Keeping Your Restaurant Employees and Customers Safe While Dealing with a Pandemic
3) Learn how to Step Up Your Customer Service Game in Your Food Business in the Era of COVID-19
4) Tips and Tricks to Market Your Food & Beverage Business
5) The Magic of Upselling in the Food & Beverage World
6) Using Social Media to Promote Your Restaurant or Food Business
7) Communicating Effectively to Your Employees- Food & Beverage Business
8) Leaders vs. Managers- Food & Beverage Teams
9) How to Deal With Difficult People in the Food & Beverage Industry
10) Building Your Food & Beverage Business Around Your Community
11) Improving the Physical Image, Layout and Presentation of Your Food & Beverage Business
12) Angry Food and Beverage Customers Can Actually Become Your Best Friends

Registration is required and can be done at