Letter home: Stand up for change

Henderson is “my hometown”; I grew up there but have since relocated to Colorado. My family lives in Henderson, and because it is my home, I frequently visit and keep up with all the news via The Daily Dispatch and the HomeinHenderson Web site. Lately I have been disturbed by the things I have read and things I saw on my last visit. Let me pose the question to you, the people of Henderson, that has been running through my head: What in the world is going on there?

On my most recent visit I was greeted by abandoned cars, dilapidated buildings, trash on the side of the road, couches on people’s lawns, not to mention a toilet that sat on the side of Raleigh Road the entire week I was there. I was shocked. My husband, who is from Colorado, really could not believe his eyes. In pointing out these things, I want you to understand what potential families who may be looking for somewhere to live within commuting distance from Raleigh or Durham see. Where are the codes or ordinances against these types of things?

When I first moved to Colorado, I thought there were too many codes I had to follow in order to live here, but now I am so glad that my neighbor’s grass cannot be over 6 inches long or he will be fined. I am happy that he cannot have any “indoor” furniture in his front yard or he will be fined. Here, my neighbor cannot have an inoperable car parked in his yard for a long period of time or he will be fined. Those codes are strongly enforced here, and as a result my property value is directly affected.

In keeping up with the Henderson news, I would like to pose my question again to you, the people of Henderson: What is going on there with the governing body?

After reading the articles in the Dispatch and HomeinHenderson.com, I am having a hard time understanding why the people of Henderson are not packed in every council meeting. You elect those people to represent you; you should know exactly what is going on all the time. It is your town, and you (much more so than I) have a vested interest in what goes on there. I have always heard that if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. Well, now is the time for your opinion to be heard. Stand up and make “my hometown” the place you want and deserve it to be.

— Natalie Burgess Eads, Englewood, Colo.