Pick of the day: Down the stretch we come

It’s the final week of filing for the fall municipal elections, and we have a candidate for every office but two: mayor of Henderson and Middleburg town commissioner. But we don’t have many contests. Kittrell and Middleburg have none. Henderson has two candidates for the ward seats in Wards 1, 2 and 3, and if and when Elissa Yount files for re-election this week, Ward 3’s at-large seat will be contested. We’d like to see at least two candidates for every seat. At the start of the filing period, we asked about specific people you’d like to see run (or not run). Now that the filing period is coming to an end, we’ll ask a different question: What do you look for in a municipal candidate, and what do you see as an automatic disqualifier? Would you rather see a lifelong Hendersonian who has never played a prominent role in public life but cares about the city, or someone who has lived here a few years but has seized the spotlight and controversy? Would you prefer an entrepreneur who has gone through financial problems or a 9-to-5 type who has never been late with a bill? Would a DWI conviction rule someone out, but not three speeding tickets per year? Let us know what you think, and maybe we can help some potential candidates make their decisions.