Pick of the day: Talk to the commissioners

If you’ve been desperate to tell the Vance County Board of Commissioners how you feel about that trip to Hawaii, the board’s support for the Henderson-Vance Economic Partnership, or anything else that angers or thrills you about the county government, today’s your chance. To comply with a new state law, the commissioners are due to adopt a policy guaranteeing a public comment period during each monthly board meeting, and the board will hold such a comment period during its meeting at 6 p.m. at the old courthouse. The policy calls for speakers to sign up no later than 15 minutes before the meeting starts, to limit their remarks to five minutes each and to focus their comments on topics related to the county government or the board. The board may cut off any speaker who strays from his announced topic, and the board may limit groups sharing an opinion to one spokesman. The comment period may last no more than 30 minutes.