Proposed agenda for Intergovernmental Committee

The Intergovernmental Committee is slated to discuss the following subjects this afternoon:

* Library Funding: According to a memo sent from County Manager Jerry Ayscue to members of the Intergovernmental Committee, former City Manager Eric Williams had researched funding of the library and concluded that city contributions had exceeded county contributions by $23,000 and concluded that the county should contribute that amount to maintain parity. The library has also requested that they be allowed to proceed with hiring new personnel this fiscal year in order to be fully operational in the new facility.

* Deed to City Fire Station: A request was received by the county from the city to take official action to give up its half-share of ownership of the property upon which City Fire Station #3 is located. Previous discussions have located the line as the drainage line between the fire station and the Armory.

* Preservation of Armory: City officials will share their thoughts regarding the future preservation and use of the Armory.

* Increasing Tax Collection: The Vance County Tax Administrator will be available to address questions regarding measures that his department has taken to enhance the tax collection rate for the city and county.

* Voting Equipment Update: An update will be provided by local elections officials on the status of efforts to obtain a new voting system for Henderson and Vance County.

* County Water System: The county is moving forward with plans to develop a rural water system. The county is interested discussing the contracting of operations and maintenance with the city at some point in the near future. This meeting may begin the development of the appropriate processes to negotiate various aspects of the project.