Armory discussed at Land Planning meeting

City Engineer Frank Frazier reported on the state of the Armory to the Land Planning and Development Committee at their meeting last Wednesday.

According to Frazier, there is some damage to the roof that needs to be repaired very promptly or it will become serious. The side portion of the building has some severe structural damage, according to Frazier.

In Frazier’s opinion, the building can be opened up for public use as long as the roof is repaired, but only the main area of the Armory may be used. The side areas would need to be locked off with warning signs placed to insure people did not enter those areas.

Bathrooms may only be used on a very limited basis, Frazier noted. He speculated that those renting the facility could be required to use portable bathroom facilities.

Land Planning and Development Committee member Garry Daeke commented that the city might be able to put the building to some use.

Henderson City Council member Elissa Yount, a guest at the meeting, asked that the water and heat be cut off. She noted that several of the window panes have been broken out.