Clean Up Henderson Committee meets

The Clean Up Henderson Committee had its regular committee meeting today in the conference room of the City of Henderson Operations Center.

The following items were discussed:

* Henderson Police Chief Glen Allen and Officer A.M. Feingold reported that one half of cars reported as junked, abandoned, or nuisance vehicles have been investigated, although the process may not be complete on all vehicles.

* Allen reported that 20 people are still sought in Operation Gateway. However, he believes that 120 people think that the police are looking for them.

When asked about methamphetamines, the police chief told the committee that law enforcement has never found the substance being manufactured in Vance County, although it has been encountered for sale. He told members that since North Carolina passed the law about the sale and display of over-the-counter medications containing pseudoephedrine, the manufacture of methamphetamine has declined.

* Code enforcement officer Corey Williams reported the collection of $30,000 to $40,000 in civil penalties. He also reported that the city was awarded a $15,000 judgment on three houses. He told the committee that City Attorney John Zollicoffer was working on the right to auction off properties. He told members that a property on 703 Orange Street was going to be torn down at the owner’s expense.

“Money is trickling in,” Williams told the committee.