County commissioners adopt budget

In a unanimous vote, the Vance County Board of Commissioners voted to adopt a budget for fiscal 2006-2007.

Before the vote, County Manager Jerry Ayscue told the council that he had to re-do the revenues and that he got $70,000 out of them. He said the rest had been obtained from the fund balance, and that there were no surprises.

It is presumed that the manager was referring to the additional expenditures that the board approved for jailers and local suppliments for teachers, among other items.

County commissioner Deborah Brown asked about the position the county instated in the budget for the Animal Control Department. She asked if the county would still be able to have the position, since the city did not match the funds the county appropriated for the salary.

Ayscue replied that the balance of the needed funds were in the contingency until the council moved them.

Vice Chairman Tommy Hester complimented Ayscue on the budget, noting that it contained no tax increase for citizens.

After the budget was approved, Ayscue informed commissioners that the close-out of the previous budget was something that had to be done every year, and that the staff would be working on the close-out for the next three weeks. He asked for and was granted by the council the authority to conduct the fiscal 2005-2006 close-out.

The next item on the special meeting agenda was a Public Schools Capital Fund request from the Vance County Board of Education. According to Ayscue, these are monies available from the state that require county board action for the schools to access.

Ayscue informed commissioners that a problem had arisen with the heating and air conditioning system at Southern Vance High School. He requested that commissioners approve $82,500 from the capital fund towards a repair bill of $110,000, with the balance of the funds coming from other sources.

That motion passed without opposition.

Before adjourning the meeting, Ayscue took an opportunity to thank the council for its leadership.

“It’s been an honor and a pleasure to work with all of you,” he told the board.

Brown noted that the budget ordinance is available to the public. Finance Officer Jerry Tucker added that there would be a copy available at the county Finance Office at the County Administration Building (the old courthouse).

County Commissioner Danny Wright asked if it would be available on the county website. Ayscue replied that he would try to get it on the site.

County Commissioner Eddie Wright brought to the council’s attention the current financial difficulties of Maria Parham Medical Center. He noted that layoffs were being made and claimed that the layoffs were among low-level employees. He said that people needed to be made aware because the hospital serves Vance County.

A budget summary sheet may be viewed here. A more complete document will be available online this weekend.