Auditions held for locally produced TV pilot

Audition 1

Producer Robert Wagner from New Bern, director Grainger Hines from Los Angeles, and camera operator Bill Hand conducted Saturday’s auditions at the Jameson Inn for a TV situation comedy entitled “Customer’s Always Right.”

The try-outs started Friday and will continued through 8:00 p.m Sunday.

Audition 2

With 22 roles to fill, a steady stream of local and out-of-state actors showed up, each hoping to be chosen as an employee or customer at the “Happy-Go-Lucky” restaurant. Bill Hand digitally filmed each actor as they read the parts requested by Hines.

Audition 3

Rosemyr Corporation donated use of the former Pizza Hut building on Raleigh Road to film the pilot episode. Pre-production activities take place December 5 through 9 and filming will begin December 11 and conclude on December 15.

Audition 4

In January, Hines and Wagner will promote the pilot at a three-day convention in Las Vegas, which will be attended by approximately 300 different media companies. A major television network has also expressed interest in the film.