City renting permit to be discussed in council

During this evening’s Henderson City Council meeting, Council member Garry Daeke will discuss the proposed Certificate of Occupancy Ordinance, otherwise called An Ordinance Requiring a Permit to Rent Dwelling Units in the City of Henderson.

The proposed ordinance, which so far has only been discussed in committee, has already generated a great deal of resistance from landlords and realtors throughout the city who claim it will drive up the cost of rentals. The ordinance would require, among other items, city inspections and a certificate before utilities could be turned on in a rented dwelling.

The Public Safety Committee, under the guidance of Chair Lonnie Davis will discuss proposed changes to the Graffiti Ordinance. Also, the Committee will announce that a Curfew Committee report is anticipated on December 4.

Chair Bobby Gupton of the Land Planning and Development Committee will report to the Council on the disposition of the Armory. It is anticipated that Gupton will ask the Council to give its interest in the rapidly decaying Depression-era building to the Boys and Girls Clubs of North Central North Carolina Vance County Unit.

It is hoped that the Vance County Board of Commissioners will follow suit with the Council at their December 4 meeting.

At a previous Council meeting, City Manager Jerry Moss was instructed to solicit a cash offer from the County of Vance government for the former library on Rose Avenue. As of the last Council meeting, no response had been obtained. Gupton will discuss the dispostion of the property with the full Council.

The complete agenda may be viewed here.