NC school crime and violence report released

During last school year, North Carolina public schools reported 10,959 acts of crime and violence among the state’s almost 1.4 million students, according to the 2005-06 Report on School Crime and Violence presented to State Board of Education members yesterday.

This total correlates to a state average of 7.90 acts per 1,000 students, an increase from 2004-05 when that number was 7.49 acts per 1,000 students.

In Vance County, the following acts were reported:

  • Two assaults resulting in serious injury
  • One assault involving the use of a weapon
  • Five assaults on school personnel
  • Three bomb threats
  • 29 instances of possession of controlled substances
  • One possession of a firearm
  • 52 reports of possession of a weapon
  • One sexual offense
  • Vance County averaged 11.870 acts per 1,000 students. Franklin County averaged 5.814 per 1,000 students, Warren County 9.447 per 1,000 students, and Granville 4.870 per 1,000.

    In Vance County, there were no reported instances of possession of alcoholic beverages, sexual assaults, robbery with a dangerous weapon, robbery without a dangerous weapon, taking indecent liberties with a minor, rape, death by other than natural causes, kidnapping, or the burning of a school building.

    The Vance Charter School reported no acts of crime or violence of any kind.

    For more details, including district and school numbers, please go to the NCDPI Web site at and click on the appropriate link under “News.”