Council discusses leaf pick-up

During the report of the Public Works Committee at the December 18 Henderson City Council meeting, members discussed at length progress the city has made in picking up leaves.

As part of its sanitation service, Henderson will pick up leaves that have been raked to the curb. To do this, it has three specially equipped trucks devoted to this purpose.

The discussion began as Henderson Mayor Clem Seifert asked if the city was making progress in picking up the leaves. City Manager Jerry Moss replied that “most of the town was clean, but now they’re all back”.

Seifert asserted that there were some places that still had not seen a pick-up.

Moss stated that city workers are working hard getting the leaves up. He also said that he thought they were doing a good job this year.

An inquiry by City Council member Mary Emma Evans revealed that the department responsible for leaf pick up is fully staffed.

In discussing the logistical difficulties of leaf disposal, Moss informed the council that when a truck gets full of leaves, the vacuum equipment has to be disconnected and the leaves dumped. Since part of the equipment is now welded onto the trucks, it cannot be switched from truck to truck to save time.

Moss stated that he did not know if the city would want to buy three more trucks for the purpose of leaf collection, since they are modified and only used for that purpose and they sit idle for the remainder of the year.

Several members of the council contributed knowledge of locations where leaves had not been picked up.

“We’re going to get them all up,” Moss assured members.

“You can’t if you don’t know where they are,” Seifert said.