Min. Housing passes, CO tabled

In an 8-0 vote, the Henderson City Council passed the amendments to the Minimum Housing Code.

According to Michael Satterwhite, a local attorney who represents the interests of Henderson landlords, the ordinance had the full support of his clients.

However, Satterwhite asked that the ordinance be enforced on tenants as well as landlords. He also asked that the criminal provision be removed from the ordinance and that fines should be limited to $1,000.

As for the Certificate of Occupancy ordinance, a 5-3 vote determined that the issue should be tabled until the Council’s September 10, 2007 meeting. This was based on a substitute motion by Henderson City Council member Lynn Harper after Council member Lonnie Davis moved that the ordinance be tabled “indefinitely”.

The dissenting votes were those of members Bernard Alston, Lonnie Davis, and Mary Emma Evans.