A note on letters to the editor

Letters to the editor that are submitted to Home in Henderson are published according to guidelines established on June 10, 2006. They may be viewed here, and they have been available in the “Pages” section for review since they were first published.

In terms of “blogging”, letters to the editor are really no different than a comment post, except that the author has requested and received the privilege of having his or her missive “headlined”. This courtesy is extended to all who request it, provided the author’s work conforms to the standards referenced above.

Frankly, a letter to the editor in a forum where anyone can “publish” a comment at will doesn’t have much significance. We have held the term over from traditional print media because it is commonly understood to be a statement of opinion.

Of all the letters we have received (not many), we have only turned one letter away, and that was because the author accused a specific person of specific criminal acts.

Home in Henderson strives for neutrality and balance in its reporting of the news. Whether or not those news articles are truly neutral is for the reader to decide. However, when it comes to comment posts, letters to the editor, or opinion pieces that are submitted, we only exercise editorial control in an effort to maintain community standards of decency and to protect individuals from legally harmful speech.

In short, Home in Henderson is only political insofar as it reflects the political views of readers made in comment posts. It welcomes comments, articles, letters to the editor, etc. from all sides in any and all issues, including those that take umbrage to what we publish.