Etheridge pledges to support Army families

Fort Bragg —- U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-Lillington) today pledged to support and honor Army families, as soldiers continue to serve in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In a ceremony at Ft. Bragg, Etheridge committed to back the goals of the Army Family Covenant, which represents the Army’s commitment to soldiers’ families to provide them with a quality of life that matches their quality of service to the nation.

“Our military families are also serving on the front lines, and sacrificing for our nation as we continue to engage in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Etheridge. “My support of the Army Family Covenant reflects my commitment to work in Congress to ensure our military spouses and children are receiving the support they need and deserve.”

The Army has held ceremonies at bases around the country during November, where army officials have pledged to support Army families. The Army Family Covenant states that the Army will provide for and support families through accessibility and quality of healthcare, improving soldier and family housing and standardizing and funding existing family programs and services. Over the next year, the Army plans to add another $1.4 billion to existing funding levels to develop a new family action plan to support Army spouses and children.

To view the text of the Army Family Covenant in its entirety, please visit here.