The Cross to premier at Marketplace Cinema

The Cross flyer
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by Nancy Jo Smith
Marketplace Cinema

THE CROSS (PG) is a documentary about the life story of Arthur Blessit, a man who has carried a twelve-foot wooden cross on a pilgrimage around the world.

It is a mission of love, peace, blessings and Jesus. I have attached a synopsis of the film, and a flyer about it’s opening at Marketplace Cinema.

During the current times, I feel this message could be especially poignant for the people of our community. This film is being distributed by a very small film company with a very limited budget for marketing and promotion, thus many people have not even heard of it.

Marketplace Cinema is currently one of a very few number of theaters booked to play this film on its national debut on April 17, 2009. We are pleased to bring such a positive movie that could truly have an amazing personal impact on our neighbors and friends of our community!