From the HPD: Prevent thefts from vehicles

by Lt. Irvin Robinson,
Henderson Police Department

The Henderson Police Department has received increased reports in recent days of larcenies from vehicles.

Many of these larcenies were committed by breaking into the vehicle by damaging a window. Some of these larcenies have been attributed to the drivers and/or passengers of the vehicle leaving items in plain view on the seat or in the floor of the vehicle.

The Henderson Police Department would like to remind citizens to take steps to prevent becoming a victim of these crimes.

When parking or leaving your vehicle always remember:

  • Do not leave anything you value in plain view from the outside of your vehicle.
  • Secure all personal items in the trunk or a locked glove compartment or console compartment.
  • When placing items in the trunk, try to do so in an inconspicuous manner, or before arriving at your destination.
  • Lock the car doors.
  • Close all the windows, sunroof and convertible top. On trucks, make sure any rear cargo area window is closed and secured.
  • If you have a vehicle alarm, make sure you set it.
  • Park in a well lit area.
  • If you see suspicious persons or activity in the area of parked vehicles, call 911 and report it.
  • These crime prevention tips should be followed whether citizens are out in their vehicles in public areas or parked at home.