Purdue signs order for aging preparedness

Gov. Perdue on Tuesday signed Executive Order No. 54, directing state agencies to develop strategies and proposals to strengthen their preparedness for and response to North Carolina’s aging population.

For the first time in state history, agencies will identify ways to better prepare for an aging workforce, to improve the safety and security of seniors, to increase opportunities for lifelong learning and to identify ways to better utilize senior volunteers and their skills.

“Older North Carolinians are tremendously important to this state–they provide knowledge of their experience that will guide the future generation,” said Gov. Perdue. “Setting government straight means structuring state government to meet the needs of all of our people and recognizing the unique needs of the aging population.”

The N.C. Division of Aging and Adult Services in partnership with the UNC Institute on Aging and the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging will survey state agencies. Those offices will look at how the aging population is influencing plans, policies, programs and the aging workforce. By understanding the aging population, the use of smart technologies can improve environments such as walkways, parking and home/office modifications to better meet their special needs to promote their health and independence and continued civic engagement.