Vance County technology study

Vance County Technology Study June 2010
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Above is a copy of the Vance County Technology Study Initiative commissioned by the Vance County Board of Commissioners in April of 2010.

The technology study was requested by Vance County to address how technology currently supports county services and how it can be used to enhance the delivery of county services.

The report deals with issues such as Internet service providers, the county’s Web site, county telephone systems, hardware, workstations, email, and technology support.

One of the problems the report focuses on is the lack of interconnectivity between eighteen county departments.

In terms of solutions to identified problems in the study, the plan’s primary solution estimates a one-time cost of $417,378 to $474,026 with ongoing annual expense of approximately $183,600.

It is not known what the county currently spends on technology maintenance. However, the study states that major expenses in upgrading the county’s technology are in the telephone system, support, and networking.