Wednesday Open Line

An interesting bill was filed yesterday providing a new way to pay bonuses for our state school teachers.  If enacted, school districts would be able to sell advertising space on school buses, and the proceeds would go towards bonus pay for exemplary teachers.  There are limits as to the advertising content: no alcohol, tobacco, political or religious content allowed.  Personally, as a business owner that would consider the advertisement, I very rarely see a school bus during my normal commute.  Who would these ads target?  The kids getting on and off the bus everyday?  The parents picking up their kids from the road?  KARTS had/has ads on the top of their vans for a while now, and they were on the road pretty much all day.  I wonder how their program is doing, I haven’t noticed the ads myself recently.  So for a school bus to advertise on that will be on the road maybe 3 hours a day or so I’m not sure how much interest they expect to get from business advertising there.

We’d like to remind everyone of an event today in our downtown district.  From 3 to 6pm bring your kids out to Breckenridge street for a free family activity, including free food for the kids.  Read more about the event at our post here.

Otherwise, here’s your mid-week open line…