High School Testing Schedule

The adminstration of semester exams and state end-of-course tests at high schools in the Vance County Public School System begins next week.

The testing will begin at Northern and Southern Vance high schools on Tuesday, May 31, and continue through Wednesday, June 1, with students taking their semester exams and Occupational Course of Studies tests.

State end-of-course testing begins on Thursday, June 2, with exams for first-period courses in selected subjects. Testing will continue on Friday, June 3, with second-period end-of-course tests, on Monday, June 6, with the third-period end-of-course tests, and end on Tuesday, June 7, with the fourth-period end-of-course tests.

Make-up exams and remediation for those students who need it will be done each afternoon following the testing day as directed by each principal.

Each day the state end-of-course testing will take place, students at Northern and Southern Vance will be dismissed at 1 p.m. after lunch is served. Students in elementary and middle schools will continue on a normal schedule for these days.

High school students who do not test at their grade level on any of the state end-of-course tests will go through remediation instruction and must be retested. The retesting will occur June 8-10 for affected students. These students will be dismissed from school on each of these days at 1 p.m.

Western Vance High School students are on a separate testing schedule. The Vance County Early High School has completed its school year with the last day of classes on Tuesday, May 24.

The last day of classes for 2010-2011 for students in all other Vance County Schools is Friday, June 10.