Ruin Creek Animal Rescue joins with Advocates for Vance County Shelter Animals

Ruin Creek Animal Rescue held its first meeting on Tuesday May 24th, 2011. Brandon Boyd founder was on hand to discuss the groups’ direction as it begins and continues to grow. Ruin Creek Animal Rescue is operated entirely by volunteers. The group began as Advocates for Vance County Shelter Animals to rescue shelter animals at risk of euthanasia due to over population at the area shelter. The two groups are now joining as one to rescue at risk animals and support the shelter with various needs. Future plans include assisting the shelter with adopt-a-thons, placing at risk animals with foster families or rescue groups until an adoptable family can be found, providing veterinary care to animals in need, and volunteering at the shelter. Ruin Creek Animal Rescue is in the process of applying for tax exempt status so that the organization can raise funds to support the needs of the animals.

Short-term goals include locating a veterinarian to provide medical needs, and recruiting new volunteers. They have so many needs including foster families, rescue groups, transportation for the animals, help with fundraisers, the list is endless. The volunteers can do as much or as little as their schedule provides.

The group expressed its gratefulness to having a wonderful staff at the Vance County Animal Shelter to work with. “We have had support from the shelter workers; working together has to be a priority for us all. Everyone wins when the animals are safe, healthy and placed in good homes” one volunteer stated. The rescue group also discussed the importance of spaying or neutering animals and educating pet owners to do so.

If you are interested in volunteering or attending meetings please contact Lisa Dickerson at or Angie Rowland at