NC budget must move state forward

A kindergartener explained it: “Our teacher can’t do it alone.”

Gov. Perdue visited an elementary school in Carteret County on Friday, and the child’s comment highlighted the governor’s message to the legislature: balancing the budget on the backs of teacher assistants is bad for North Carolina.

The Senate’s budget would eliminate 14,000 classroom positions, part of a proposed mass firing of 20,000 public education employees.

“This state cannot afford to go backwards,” Gov. Perdue said after her visit to Newport Elementary. “These children in Newport Elementary and across North Carolina in urban and rural and rich and poor school districts deserve the right to a place in the new economy and that place is clearly possible only through education.”

Gov. Perdue sent a letter to the legislative leaders on Friday in which she discussed the need to reach a budget compromise that protects the state’s legacy of investing in education. To read the letter, click here.

10 reasons the Senate budget moves NC backward

Three cabinet secretaries held a news conference Friday to talk about the Senate budget. They listed several reasons the latest budget proposal in the legislature is bad for North Carolina. Here are 10.

1. Our education system will suffer devastating cuts.

2. The Senate budget will drop North Carolina to near last in per-pupil spending. How can we be a model for the south with numbers like that?

3. The Senate budget cuts an estimated 20,358 public school positions.

4. The Senate budget eliminates 14,753 classroom positions

5. The safety of our people will be jeopardized. Cops will be fired and there will be fewer law enforcement officers on our streets to protect us.

6. Our world-class Emergency Management system will be severely damaged.

7. $2 Billion — $2 BILLION – will be cut from the North Carolina economy in Medicaid cuts. Provider rates will be cut and services will be lost.

8. Bad budgeting errors and time requirements by the Feds will result in a spiral of Medicaid financial problems.

9. Clean water will be harder to come by in North Carolina.

10. Businesses will have to go farther and wait longer to get permits for projects.