Vance County Proposed Redistricting Maps

Attached are the proposed Vance County redistricting maps.  These maps have not yet been approved by the commissioners, and are a proposal of the new lines.  The public may contact the Vance County Planning and Development department with any questions.  3 informal public viewing sessions will be scheduled to allow the public to view the maps and ask questions to county planners.  The commissioners will, in addition to the three informal sessions throughout the county, also have a public hearing on these new districts prior to adopting a redistricting resolution. City district sizes were increased to give more representation to the smaller population in the city of Henderson, NC while the outer districts were reduced in size to compensate. This has the effect of county districts larger than before so all 7 districts would have approximately the same number of folks in them.

The proposed locations for the 3 informal viewing sessions are as follows: September 20 at New Hope School, September 21 at Bear Pond Fire Station, and September 27, at the library. Meetings are from 4 – 6 pm. These locations and times are pending verification by the venues and may be updated.

You may also visit the Vance County Courthouse and the H. Leslie Perry Library to view the proposed district maps, and with space permitting a copy of the current district maps for comparison.

2011 Vance County Proposed Districts PDF

2011 Vance County Proposed Districts TIFF

2011 Vance County Proposed Districts Detail PDF (More detailed look at the maps areas and borders)

We’d like to thank Vance County Planning Department who quickly brought to us this information just after they were rolled out to the commissioners, including the proposed map graphics.