Wednesday Open Line

Of course, the big news yesterday was the earthquake that was clearly felt in Henderson, NC. The train tracks are directly behind the Dataforge / Home in Henderson offices and come by several times a day. The train loves to blow its insanely loud horn at the most opportune times, like right when I’m on the phone with a customer. It also shakes our old building quite noticeably. Tuesday, as the train horn had just been heard passing by a few minutes earlier, the building continued to shake and I thought wow that train sure is carrying some heavy stuff today. Then it continued to shake, and it became more violent than it ever has. It lasted about 10 seconds. I just sort of sat in my chair, and was wondering if maybe it was just me, so I looked around, and our tech Stephen looked over at me and we both felt the same thing. We had a customer in the office who confirmed the odd feeling as well. We thought well maybe that wasn’t the train. We looked out our windows across Garnett street to see the offices across from us emptying out people and we knew then that it wasn’t the train, our imaginations, or something under or above our own building. The first thing I thought of was to hop on twitter where I found only 1 mention of possible earthquake, then a few seconds later it filled up with tweets from all up and down the coast of the earthquake.  Mystery solved.

What was your experience?  Anyone know the last time an earthquake was felt in Henderson?

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