Wednesday Open Line

Tuesday, residents and businesses along the Ruin Creek Road area, near the hospital and YMCA were called to warn of a possible impending tornado, causing people to take refuge in their buiding, and some to go out picture hunting.  If you have any stories or pictures to share please post here or you can email your pictures to

In state news, according to an article in Asheville, Gov. Bev Perdue’s office has told the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians she would back allowing Las Vegas-style card dealers in return for a greater share of gambling revenues from Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.  The governor’s position — outlined in two August letters to the tribe — show the state wanted a cut not only of new games — such as poker and black jack — but also from current video gambling machines.  You can read the full article here. Now, it seems odd to me the historic told reasoning for outlawing gambling is it can take advantage of poor people who waste all their money there.  But apparently, taking the money of poor people is OK as long as the state gets a cut of it?  If you recall, Henderson passed its own laws regarding ‘internet cafe’ gambling joints last year, allowing such operations if the owners paid a fee per machine.

Note that today, Vance County Board of Education hosts a Community Relations committee meeting at 5:30pm in the superintendent’s Conference Room.

Welcome to the Wednesday Open Lines!